Short cuts inspired by the stars: From Charlize Theron to Scarlett Johansson!

Short cuts inspired by the stars: From Charlize Theron to Scarlett Johansson!

Are you a big fan of short hair ? On our site you will certainly find bread for your teeth, seen and considered that among our pages we have spoken thousands of times about the beauty of the less extensive hair: from bob bob to pixie cut , there is no haircut that we have not already had the opportunity to deepen over and over again. But how can we spend the second part of the summer season through the choice of a style of super-cool short hair, perhaps “copied” good-naturedly by the star ?


Copy the stars? It does not hurt!


Before leaving for the August holidays, it might be right to try to give your hair a fresh cut. A shortening that will give your hair a new vitality and strength, making the cut more suitable for your face. Well, one of the easiest, most useful and fun methods to achieve a new look, , is to take the right inspiration from the haircuts with which the stars have found a good impression. Often it is precisely the actresses, the models and the women of the TV to launch particularly popular trends, and considering that there are numerous alternatives obtainable, why not leave for this trip looking around in search of the right base of “work”?


From Charlize Theron to Scarlett Johansson … how many beauties!


The range of sources of inspiration from the world of cinema is truly embarrassing. Charlize Theron is certainly one of the women who found the greatest charm precisely on short haircuts (but she was also beautiful with long hair!). For many years the actress has presented a very short, almost boyish hairstyle, and even if she is now trying to grow her hair in greater length, probably for a return to the medium long, it is not uncommon that she can make snacks with a look that can highlight eyes and cheekbones.


And what about Scarlett Johansson ? This is another beautiful and talented actress, who has recently drastically reduced the length of her hair. Today Scarlett is one of the women who has become, more or less unconsciously – one of the points of reference and charm for women who have experimented with pleasant short or very short haircuts. the American actress of Swedish origin has recently sported a nice sidecut cut, showing a natural color, brown, and then lengthening the tuft with a blonde shade in the upper part of the head.


Many photos of more or less… “common” women


If you want to know more about the possibility of being able to show off excellent short hair, and you want to have some good point of reference to be able to share with your hairdresser the possibility of making a restyling. Therefore, try to browse the photos that we have been able to share with you below and, if you find a look that you particularly like, try to understand if it can be customized based on your specific style characteristics. Once this is done, you just have to approve with your hairdresser what to do, and show us the result of your efforts!


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