Short hair and glasses: a winning mix?

Short hair and glasses: a winning mix?

Do you have short hair and eyeglasses ? Maybe your look is really a winning key to be able to project your figure in the summer season to its full potential. Widely seen and exploited, this mix is ​​in fact a sure way to be able to embellish one’s style and figure, especially if married with a total look that will be combined with the context and the specific occasion.


Short hair and glasses, from sobriety to seduction?


The combination of hair short and the use of glasses from sight is one extraordinary added value in terms of simplicity, sobriety and … “seduction”. If in fact this mix can be used to give you an air of professionalism and great maturity, it is also true that it can become an element of enormous seduction, perhaps determined by the reference of this look to real myths of femininity. In short, with a simple combination you will be able to obtain a particularly flexible and versatile aesthetic style, which you will certainly be able to use from time to time in the most appreciated way!




Eyeglasses, a “plus” accessory!


Not too long ago eyeglasses were considered as merely functional accessories to support the visus. Over the years, however, eyeglasses have had the opportunity to make people appreciate their aesthetic strength, to become an accessory of great style and great charm. On the market you will find hundreds of different alternatives: you just have to understand which frame and which design can do the best for you, and subscribe to it immediately!


Lots of style ideas for your new look


In order to stimulate you in identifying a right look that can combine the potential of short hair with the added value of eyeglasses , we have selected for you a group of photos that show us how we can get the best out of this mix. Of course, in the preceding lines we have partially “forgotten” 50% of the look: the hair short . We have talked about this length on thousands of occasions in recent years, and therefore we refer you to the many facets of which we have had the pleasure of entertaining you. Just remember that it is a hair style (or a group of styles!) Which will also be the most popular for 2019, and which therefore should lead you to consider even more concretely the possibility of giving us a cut, abandoning the styles long and medium!


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