Short hair color, new focus on the most inspiring trends!

Short hair color, new focus on the most inspiring trends!

Like all women more attentive to fashion they know very well, to give their short hair a new hair color , vibrant and bright, is one of the most attractive styles, and more useful to be able to give your look a renewed charm.


Goodbye classic tones?


The first thing you notice when looking at the latest trends, is a gradual abandonment of shades classic . Which, of course, will continue to exist on the hair of millions of women, especially if renewed from a modern perspective, giving vent to the most innovative coloring and bleaching techniques.


Welcome to opal styles


In addition to the shades classic – suitably revised – many opal tones are being added with growing conviction. In addition to the quartz pink, which has been one of the hottest shades since last summer, many rather aggressive styling attempts are approaching, up to pointing to the most revolutionary of all: a multicolor tone , with your canopy that will become a real rainbow. Even without exaggerating with the latter mix, you can still get the right satisfaction through the choice of tones ad hoc for your complexion, to be declined perhaps not on the entire hair, but on a single tuft or on a lock, transforming what could seem a simple habit, in a real added value of beauty.

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