Short hair colors, many new ideas for the sea!

Short hair colors, many new ideas for the sea!

Are you going for a nice vacation by the sea , and before closing the suitcases do you also want to tidy up your short hair ? Well, in the following lines you will find some of the tips that could make your hair … irresistible, both on the beach and by the pool, allowing you to experience the days of vacation and rest away from home with a touch of glamor.


Light or dark?


As far as the most trendy are concerned, a first step of reflection can be taken in the eternal certainty that between light and dark shades… there is no winner . If in fact it is true that during the summer of 2016 we had the opportunity to rediscover and re-appreciate very light shades, such as platinum blonde, we must not forget that among the must-have colors of this season there are also intermediate or dark tones. For example, never forget that red, with all its shades, is certainly one of the most popular colors at this time of year, with references to bronze or cherry bombre , according to the shades that you think can best reflect your personality. In all cases, these are shades that can well demonstrate an extraordinary adequacy for your beach holiday.


Trend cuts, the short continues to dominate


As for the choice of the most trendy haircuts for the summer season , short influences certainly continue to dominate. Among the many trends, the short bob is still very popular, both in wavy and smooth versions (perhaps better than the first one), which turns out to be a very comfortable cut even on the beach, during a beach holiday. The extra-short cuts are also great, which can guarantee an extraordinarily useful and simple approach to management during the summer at the beach. In short, even in this case it is worth remembering that you will be spoiled for choice in identifying the look that suits you best.


Many photos to whet your curiosity


In order to help you make a conscious choice during the summer, below we present a beautiful collection with dozens of shots that portray many short haircuts , and many colors applied in them. Try to take a look at it, and share with your hairdresser the photos that seem to you to better reflect what you want. It is never too late for a good reinvigoration of your hairstyle!


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