Short hair combing, here are the most chic of the moment!

Short hair combing, here are the most chic of the moment!

Are you looking for a new hairstyle for short hair that knows how to give you incredible added values ​​in terms of refinement and elegance? Well, we have prepared a little study for you which, directly from the advice of the best fashion weeks, will allow you to find out which are the most glamorous hairstyles of the moment. With a small premise: once again, on the horizon there are no revolutions and extraordinary novelties, but a slightly more prudent and modern way to style your hair hair . Therefore, maximum attention to detail: they can represent the point of difference between a hairstyle already seen and usual, and a refined and super personalized hairstyle!


Wavy hair


One first hairstyle really “top” for the short hair , is the one with the wavy hair. The soft waves are fortunately very simple to make, and are very comfortable especially in summer, when it is even more important to communicate a feeling of greater serenity and simplicity abroad. You can also combine everything with a beautiful wet effect, reproducible with the use of a special product that can suggest a little more “pepper”. It will be sufficient to apply a knob of foam for wavy hair and, when they are still wet, spray with the diffuser by drying them upside down, possibly combining the product for the wet effect.




Do you remember the frisè effect ? In recent times it has been very underestimated, but it is preparing for a welcome return that could reward all women who will dare a little more. On short hair, with their contained lengths, the frisè is an effect that does not weigh down the look, makes it wavy and perfect for a rock customization or more sober. To make it, all you have to do is buy an ad hoc plate, and apply it on the lengths. Just be careful not to overdo it, as excess could lead to excessive wear of the hair which, in the end, will be stressed and dull.


A look at the past


If you still have doubts about which are the best looks of hair for summer 2016 and for next autumn, if you have short hair, you can take a look at passed without the fear of making a mistake. From the 90s, for example, you will be able to identify the best looks of short hair pulled backwards, aided by a wavy headband that will help you divide the hair into many small locks starting from the forehead. A beautiful, vintage and seductive style, easily recreatable and easily customizable. Not bad, right?


Finally, we conclude with our usual photogallery, now an appointment that does not betray your daily expectations. We have selected for you as many as 27 short hairstyles for you that you can use for this part of the year and that you can customize for the new season. Try to look at the gallery and understand if there is something that can really do for you. We are confident that you will be able to find some very useful ideas for a practical and seductive restyling, to be embraced with conviction already in the coming days. If you have any doubts, remember that the only professional who can give you a fair opinion is the hairdresser!































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