Short hair, cuts to rediscover the pleasure of giving us a cut!

Short hair, cuts to rediscover the pleasure of giving us a cut!

Do you want to understand which is the best short cut for your face? Well, start taking a look at this extraordinary photogallery that today we have the pleasure of attaching to our in-depth analysis: it is likely that you will be able to discover some trend lines that can be easily adopted over the next few weeks, thus acting as an ideal inspiration to be able to renew with confidence your look, and to be able to present you again in the best season!

Of course, don’t limit yourself to just browsing through the photos that we are pleased to share with you today. In fact, be rather severe with yourself, going to understand what the strengths and weaknesses of your face are and, consequently, what cut could enhance the former and hide the latter. Often, in fact, we focus too superficially on a photo or shot stolen from the VIP on duty, and we forget to understand and interpret whether that particular cut could actually be right for us, or if it is better to go elsewhere.

For example, if you have an oval cut you should only avoid very short cuts and those with angles, which would risk making the face too wide. Better also to abandon the idea of ​​a too heavy hairstyle, since it would cover the features. On the other hand, embrace the vaporous, wavy and voluminous styles with conviction, which will delicately frame your face.

If you have a square face, try to soften the lines with a scaled and disheveled cut , with the broken strands that will serve to eliminate the hardness of the features and cover the sides of the face. The lateral forelock also seems to be a good choice, as it will make the forehead and jaw line appear smaller. As for the hairstyles, the waves and the soft and disheveled crops are better.

If the face is finally round, look for a hairstyle that can give you the right verticality. Therefore avoid well-defined fringes, severe and structured cuts, very tightly pulled crops. Much better to go on with scaled cuts with very irregular tufts, which can fall gently on the features of the face to move and remove it, and light fringes, paraded and messy.

Short hair, cuts to rediscover the pleasure of giving us a cut!

Looking at the photogallery that we had the pleasure of preparing today, you will certainly not struggle to find one or more suitable cuts for you. And even if you don’t find the right cut for your heart, don’t give up: the short looks are in fact extremely versatile, and thanks to this versatility you will certainly not struggle to adapt them to your face, ensuring a sense of order in the face and freshness that only the shorter lengths can ensure.

In short, as we have the pleasure to underline on these pages several times, short haircuts are certainly the best to be able to give yourself a new, younger and more cheeky appearance, putting the hands of your personal age back in time. Precisely for this reason we have chosen for you 30 wonderful shots that will capture your attention: therefore browse with the right calmness and attention today’s photo gallery, and try to understand what are the cuts that might be right for you.

Short and wavy hair, in particular, lend themselves to being shown off with great added values: and, considering that the summer is coming, nothing better than trying to cut your own “old” hairstyle, proposing the reference hairstyle in a fresher and more dynamic way. All this, without losing even a hundredth of your ability to seduce but, indeed, getting a new lymph in terms of romance and youth. A cut with the past that is well shown in the photogallery that we have the pleasure of submitting to you today, and which shows us some delicious alternatives for the next few months.

Therefore, as we have had the opportunity to reiterate pleasantly over the past few months, short and wavy hair can also be shown with particular conviction during the coming summer, guaranteeing that all women who choose to adopt it always look fresher and more seductive. Of course, considering that short cuts can be arranged – as well as long ones – in hundreds of different ways, it is very difficult to try to identify a trend that can prevail over the others.

Once you have identified the short cuts that will be most attractive, remember that they can easily be easily adapted to your head. So, if you have a particularly oval face, you can ensure the availability of all the cuts that we have proposed in the photogallery, considering that the oval face is the most regular one, which can adapt better than the others to accommodate new short hair.

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