Short hair for fashion-conscious girls!

Short hair for fashion-conscious girls!

The most popular short hair styles are so varied and so heterogeneous that you will surely soon find what is right for you. And if you are too fond of your hair long , at the end of this study you may have changed your mind on what to do or, at least, you will have some more embarrassment when confirming your next look. If you want to know why, you just have to consult the following lines: you will find many ideas for a new look short , and 40 photos of modern styles for young women!


The most popular trends


It is not easy to try to make a quick summary of all the trends of short hair most in vogue at the moment. In an attempt not to forget the main ones, we can try to remember the most messy and cheeky styles, especially on slightly wavy hair, or even the shaggy pixie, an inevitable reference in 2016/2017. Those who want to dare a little more can focus on bowl cuts , the bowl haircuts, while those who want to look for something more traditional (but not for this reason not widely customizable even in more eccentric way!) can only provide a proper look at the bob bob .


Fringe or tuft?


As will be very clear from the consultation of the gallery that we will shortly propose to you, one of the coolest choices (not obligatory, but we advise you to evaluate!) Is that between the use of the fringe or of the tuft . There is, also in this case, a precise rule to follow: a lot will depend on your face and on the look that you will want to wear. In general, it may be appropriate to alternate a minimal and shorter fringe with a longer and more open one, a shorter tuft with a longer one that can reach the ears. Try to reconcile it with the rest of the hairstyle and you’re done!


New photos


Here we are, also today, at the awaited moment of our photogallery. In the following lines we have chosen to share 40 different images with you that could represent an excellent choice for a new look for 2017. Try to browse it with due attention and try to dwell on each image with the necessary specificity, trying to understand how it is possible to customize each style in line with your best characteristics. And what do you think? Is there any hair style that you like more than others? What is it about?


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