Short hair for round faces ... and more: here's how to do it!

Short hair for round faces … and more: here's how to do it!

One of the main advantage features of the short haircuts , is given by the possibility of being able to wear them in any condition and with any face characteristic. As a result, pixie cuts and others short haircuts may well be adopted by women who have a square or round, oval or particularly elongated face. But in what way? And what are the main measures that it would be good not to lose sight of when you are approaching a restyling ?


Pixie cut for round faces


Let’s start with the main focuses of our current study, the pixie cut and the short haircuts dedicated to women who have a round face. For these female representatives, there is nothing better than opting for a nice hairstyle that can frame the face, creating angles and a feeling of depth. Therefore, the pixie cut could be represented by a nice cut that shaves or decreases the volumes on the sides, so that the cheekbones appear more pronounced and in the foreground. If you then play enough with the tuft, up and back, you will get a pleasant effect of stretching and greater sinuosity of the face.


What if I have a square face?


In case you have the square face, the short haircut can be easily arranged to give you some unmistakable additional beauty element. In this case, we advise you to leave the hair slightly and naturally wavy on the upper part of the head, then giving a touch of low nuance on the nape. The tuft can be combed sideways, so that its length can soften and frame the area of ​​the cheekbones.


Photos and latest tips!


If you finally have the oval face, you can indulge yourself with even more opportunities than restyling ! Our advice is always to leave the lower part of the neck shaved, instead keeping the lengths on the sides intact. The tuft can be worn longer and disheveled.


We leave you now with 25+ photos of short hair that you could choose to arrange and model in your preferred way: make sure to select the shots that seem most convincing to you, and give yourself in with scissors! The result will certainly be well above all expectations!


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