Short hair, how to change the look in seconds!

Short hair, how to change the look in seconds!

We often hear people say it – but only superficially! – that women who have short hair cannot easily change their look, and therefore are forced to maintain the style imposed by their hairdresser in an unchanged way until the next session by the same hairstylist. But is it really so?


Of course, especially if you have been following us for a longer time, it is not like that at all. Even short hair can be the protagonists of sudden style variations, even if you have a particularly exaggerated pixie cut that, apparently, should freeze you with a single look. In reality, even the pixie cut can be easily revolutionized in elegant hairstyles: it will be sufficient to alternate a “fake disheveled” style with a more orderly style, opting for side stripes and hair with light waves, to be able to recall vintage styles. You can also choose to pull your hair backwards with the help of an excellent product for the finish: a wet effect that can be well tolerated, even in winter.


If you have a cut a la garconne, often renamed – in an inelegant measure, perhaps – to the “tomboy”, the speech does not change. Starting from the evidence that the tomboy cut is not really tomboy, given and considered that this short look can give a touch of femininity and more romantic refinement, especially on a face that has delicate features. The tomboy cut, compared to the more extreme pixie cuts, also has greater versatility: it will be sufficient to use modeling pastes to be able to direct the tips every day in a different way, even in an asymmetrical version. Speaking of tips, if you haven’t already done so, why don’t you try to color them differently?


What if you have short curly cuts? Referring to one of our many insights on the advantages of having short hair wavy or curly , we can certainly suggest you to orient your hair in a different way time after time, or try to use mini braids. The opportunities are really many, but we advise you not to stiffen the curly hair and, indeed, take advantage of this movement to recreate unique looks, which will well make you appreciate in this part of the year and in the seasons that follow.


Having said that, we can only wish you a good choice of style for your next hair short . What do you think of it? Have you already chosen your reference look for the weeks to come?

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