Short hair, like rejuvenating your face with a summer look!

Short hair, like rejuvenating your face with a summer look!

Show off a neat and elegant hair look. Get a hairstyle that can give greater freshness and comfort during the summer heat. And, perhaps, also obtain a full-bodied rejuvenation, gaining a few years compared to what appears in your identity card? If all this seems excessive and utopian to you, keep reading the following lines: we have identified some looks of short haircuts that will allow you to rejuvenate and modernize your look. Curious?


Climb, climb and climb!


First, try to scale your hair , especially if it is thick and tending to medium and long. Let the hairdresser know how to properly calibrate the volume of your hair , making it more graceful and more graceful. The crown line can thus be easily carried on one side, then giving a sense of further lightness through the correct identification of a contrast of colors that gives more brightness.


Use the bangs as an ally


Another easy trick to use is to enjoy a beautiful long fringe and abundant . A fringe that brushes the eyebrows, always well cared for, can in fact be very useful to be able to cover the first signs of the fear with delicate elegance. For the haircut you can opt for a timeless bob, without giving up the freshness of a short bob, but without exaggerating.


Bob also for thin hair


If your hair is particularly thin, there is no style problem: you can approach a nice medium short and choppy bob, which can put the right enhancement on your short haircut and purposes. Get support from your hairdresser: he will be able to suggest the best tricks to give more body to your hair, and structure an unforgettable hairstyle!


Cut to the boy, why not?


Have you ever tried a boyish cut or, to put it in French, alla garconne ? If you have never thought about the advantages of moving to a similar approach to the boy, review your projects: the pixie can in fact represent the way to get the most correct look for summer 2016! In particular, for small faces and thin hair, the tomboy short is exactly what it takes: it will guarantee you an indisputable elegance and refinement and, moreover, it will allow you to follow in the footsteps of many Hollywood stars (Sharon Stone above all !) that of the short garconne cut made a real flag.


Dare and … dare!


Finally, one last suggestion: always try to dare and not spare yourself! Often what it takes to be able to give yourself a nice rejuvenation is a cut of aggressive rock hair and a great personality. The undercut and the sidecut are two alternatives that have gone very fashionable over the past few seasons, and we are confident that even for the current summer they will be able to offer infinite satisfactions.


We leave you now with a nice gallery of potential short alternatives. Try to take a look and let us know what you think!































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