Short hair, new gallery with great ideas!

Short hair, new gallery with great ideas!

New appointment with our photogallery, the right opportunity to strengthen the attention and passion that distinguishes our approach towards short cuts . And just to continue with these intentions, today we have prepared a new series of shots that present us with 37 trends to experiment for the last part of the summer, with numerous useful ideas to be able to customize your look, and make the really unforgettable end of season!


A quick glance at the series of shots will allow you to understand, for example, how much short hair can be of greater attraction if well combined with the characteristics of your face. For 2017, for example, the smooth bob was scaled, with hair that reduces the thickness at the end of each level, favoring a light and thinning development. We believe that even in the final part of summer, and even more in the autumn, this kind of style will actually be able to characterize some of the most visible hair!


Speaking of “sight”, why not consider enriching your appearance with a beautiful fringe? If deep, skated forward and smooth, you will certainly be able to catalyze the attention of friends and colleagues, ensuring a top trend for the months that follow.


The cuts below also seem to adapt to a wide range of alternatives, lending themselves both to women who have a beautiful oval face, and to women who need to lengthen or widen the shape of their face, giving a fair sense of balance the length or width of your face. As is evident from today’s photogallery, the top is represented by wavy hair , the right style to give a good dynamism to your head , avoiding to flatten you with a non-personalized and out-of-date helmet (absolutely to be avoided if your face is a little round!).


When structuring a short haircut, also remember that the look needs to be used in synergy with the rest of the elements of your face: with short hair, in fact, the features, the jaw, the neck and the shoulders take on greater prominence, and it is therefore appropriate that these elements are well proportioned in order to avoid flops. If not, try to lengthen the cut: it is generally a “trick” that can solve most of your balance problems!


Finally, remember once again how size matters (and how! – we talked about it here, not long ago). So if you are thinking about a nice pixie cut, consider the head and shoulders ones . Women who are more minute and thin could have excellent results with the pixie, but if on the other hand you are very tall or have a somewhat sturdy build, you must be careful not to make sensational own goals, thus transforming the beauty of the pixie into a true “drama” of style.


As far as the lengths to be adopted are concerned, there is no limit to your opportunity for experimentation. The length at the chin, with the just mentioned smooth fringe on one side, could be a useful extension to enhance the wearer’s face. If you have a beautiful delicate face, you can also try to give a larger cut, while a wider length could compensate for a slightly rounded face.


Get advice from your hairdresser and … have a good makeover!


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