Short hair? Some advice to always keep them in order!

Short hair? Some advice to always keep them in order!

If you have short hair and you are obsessed with the fear that regrowth will put a sober and sensual style in a bad light, here are some useful tips to improve your look day after day. Some women, in fact, avoid shortening their hair excessively precisely because they are “obsessed” by the fear of regrowth, preferring therefore to abandon any hypothesis of experimentation, and resigning themselves to living with medium and long hair that may not satisfy them.


Other women, on the other hand, try to avoid the transition from long to short hair because they think they can live it as a sort of trauma: an “excessively” revolutionary transition that obviously does not make them feel at ease [19459006 ], and which leads them to become particularly cautious when they go to the hairdresser. Still others believe they don’t “know” how to wear short hair, ignoring that there are hundreds of different hairstyles in the world that have been created especially for them.


This photogallery with some short celebrity haircuts could help you:


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In any case, if belonging to those women who want to avoid short cuts because they are obsessed with regrowth, it is good to clarify a main aspect: all hair grows gradually, and for each growth step it is possible to identify a particularly suitable cut . Simply contact your trusted hairdresser to find and correct imperfections, thus making your look more and more formidable!




With very few precautions it will be possible to transform a tomboy cut into a short or medium pixie, or even approach the bob and the long bob, and so on. Do not forget also to devote particular attention to identifying the best coloring technique for your hair: think for example of the shatush , a trend that also straddles between 2014 and 2015 it seems to be particularly trendy, or again to balayage and to the other methods of coloring and bleaching.


A useful starting point can also be guaranteed by turning your gaze towards the most prominent celebrities of this period, who will be able to confirm you with a change in the look that will give them a great advantage. Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Hudson, Halle Berry represent only a part of the very long list of celebrities who in recent times have decided to radically revise their hairstyle, choosing – in some cases – to give us a real cut.




Of course, the most sustainable advice is to avoid becoming “victims” of regrowth. So try to keep the hair as tidy as possible, and try to cut it time after time, thus keeping a short cut. Whether you choose to keep this cut short, or whether you want to accompany your hairstyle towards a longer cut, one thing seems to be certain: short hair needs more frequent and careful maintenance by the hairdresser than what would instead be required with long hair . On the other hand, the added values ​​in terms of sensuality and romance seem to be guaranteed…



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