Short hair styles and colors for next winter!

Short hair styles and colors for next winter!

Did you miss our insights on short hair for 2017 ? Probably not, seen and considered that not a day goes by without our intervention on one of our favorite lengths, able to enhance the female beauty and make it more and more established and declined on its personality characteristics. In any case, for all women who want to know (and see!) More and more about short hair fashion, we are pleased to submit a new photo gallery with many modern styles that will enhance your ideas even more convincingly short hair, allowing you to gain further added values ​​in seduction and femininity.


So take a look at the shots that we have proposed for you today: these are shots that, for the umpteenth time, will allow you to understand how much the pixie cuts are not to be relegated to women “of a certain age “or to those women who want to recall a” tomboy “style. Instead, these are styles that can lead you in a context of great sobriety and elegance, allowing you to find your beauty in many, unexpected ways.


However intuitive, it is not enough to give us a cut in order to obtain all the advantages that we have only had the opportunity to anticipate and summarize. The pixie cut – and more generally all short cuts – must in fact be carefully evaluated and considered, so that this choice is truly rewarding for your aesthetic well-being.


Short haircut: the most popular of the moment!


Short haircuts are always trendy and you will have the opportunity to improve facial features. Here I will just list the 10 most popular short haircuts for women.


Short haircut: No. 10 Fauxhawk cut for women


Fauxhawk haircut for women


I know some of you don’t like the Fauxhawk, but this cut is really cool, who loves to be trendy loves the Fauxhawk haircut, the men who sport the Fauxhawk cut look really fantastic, but the women don’t less!


Short haircut: Boy’s n ° 9 cut for women


Boy cut for women


Another popular haircut for women, if you are looking for a haircut that requires few tweaks, it is this boyish cut that is just the right one for you.


Short haircut: No. 8 “messy” cut


Jenna Elfman Messy with a short haircut


The latest celebrity who converted to short hair: Jenna Elfman, here sports a “messy” hairstyle.
Jenna Elfman with “messy” hair and fringe “thrown” to the side for a truly perfect cut for her! This cut is excellent for both thin and thick hair.


Short haircut: N.7 Short hair with fringes


Jennie Garth short haircut with bangs.


What a super cute short haircut! It is a perfect short hair style for those looking for a fun and flirty style for any “casual” occasion. The fringes have been thrown to the side to add definition around the face.


Short haircut: No. 6 Short and straight haircut


Ginnifer Goodwin short and straight haircut


It is a cute short cut with the bangs. Ginnifer Goodwin paired her Phillip Lim chic rocker dress with a short, dark and shiny “‘do” cut. The fringes are cut “jagged” and blend beautifully with the side layers complete an absolutely magnificent style.


Short haircut: N. 5 short cut with side line


Ashlee Simpson Wentz with short haircut


Short hair style with side parting is very popular this year. The side line is perfect for Ashlee as it helps to reduce the oblong appearance of the shape of her face.


Short haircut: No. 4 Curly cut for women


Morena Baccarin with curly and short hair hairstyle


There are many different curly haircuts to choose from on our website, but the large curly hair style is the “hottest” of this year. Morena Baccarin on this occasion wears short locks in very sexy matted curls.


Short haircut: No. 3 Cut Pixie


Dannii Minogue with Pixie short haircut


The Pixie short hair style cut is really “hot” this year, and there are a lot of celebrities who have been wearing it for the past few years, just like Rihanna, Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, Natalie Maines, Evan Rachel Wood, Carey Mulligan, etc.


Short haircut: N ° 2 in layers with cut Razor


Lisa Rinna with Razor layered cut


This is truly a very sexy layered haircut! Lisa Rinna wears her hair with a slightly “tousled” style. Razor short haircuts are ideal for a woman who works and wants to maintain a very high level of style.


Short haircut: No. 1 Bob hairstyle


Short bob hairstyle for women


Amanda Holden wears her classic bob with a long fringe thrown to the side. The bob haircut is trendy and always classic! A bob haircut always looks perfect on women of any age and even women can wear this hairstyle with momentum. The short bob hairstyle was popularized by celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba. If you plan on getting a new short haircut as soon as possible, why don’t you get a bob cut if you’ve never tried it? And there are many styles for you to choose from Layered Bob, “Stacked” Bob, Frizzy Bob , Inverted Bob, Asymmetrical Bob, Bob Blunt and some other unusual Bob.


Jenna Elfman with a Razor haircut and bangs.
Getty Images


His Pixie has been colored with various tones of highlights: blond, champagne and platinum, and below, a darker, brown level.


So, once you have had the opportunity to take a thorough look at our gallery, we can only induce you to think carefully about every single shot. Through an effort of imagination, try to understand if those styles are really attributable to your garment, and whether or not they are in line with your visual characteristics and what you want to go to communicate outside. Once this is done, also talk to your hairdresser, the only trusted consultant who will certainly be able to guide you towards achieving a better aesthetic result, keeping you away from rather common mistakes that could harm the final result.


Finally, move without fear to the “operational” part. We are in fact sure that the final result is noteworthy, and that therefore the migration process towards the new short haircut must be carried out with particular optimism and conviction. Stress notice: face the transition to the new look with satisfaction and firmness, and let us know how the hairdresser ended up in the decisive session!

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