Short hair styles for those with a round face! Take a look at the photos!

Short hair styles for those with a round face! Take a look at the photos!

You have a round face and you fear that you will never be able to show off excellent short hair , since do you think this kind of length will only enhance the roundness that you want to make slimmer? Nothing more wrong! Even girls who have a particularly plump and round face can in fact draw full inspiration from the best short hair styles , avoiding emphasizing this roundness and, on the other hand, obtaining important benefits in terms of aesthetic appearance. But in what way? What are the stylistic points of reference that we advise you not to lose sight of when it comes to designing your new short hair style ?


Bob inclined


Let’s start with an evergreen that never goes out of style, and that in the course of the last 2-3 seasons has experienced an impressive return of trend: the inclined bob . This kind of hair is particularly useful in order to make your hairstyle more dynamic , going to grace and make your shapes more sinuous: you will certainly benefit by going to make your look more linear. , streamlining some too much roundness on your face. The volume will not be affected, but the image of greater lightness that you will obtain will be an indispensable surplus!


Short hair styles for those with a round face! Take a look at the photos!


Pixie moved


An excellent alternative for all those women who have the seen round is related to the possibility of adopting a choppy pixie: the soft waves on your face are perfect to be able to make your look [19459003 ] thinner and leaner. The important thing is to try to adjust the volume in the most correct points, thus creating the best hai r style about you: the road to success can, once again, only go through full sharing with your hairdresser, thus specifically designing the look of your dreams!


Bob long


Still on the best short haircuts you can choose to adopt if you have a tendentially round face, we certainly cannot underestimate the importance of long bob . The long bob is in fact an excellent solution for round faces, considering that it will allow you to generate the impression of a more oval face on the viewer. A nice style pass that we recommend you to share with your hairdresser, trying to arrange this hairstyle in such a way as to make it your business card for an aspect of great personality and strength!


Short hair styles for those with a round face! Take a look at the photos!


Boyish style


Can the tomboy cut represent a good solution for those young women who have round faces? Is the answer naturally positive? If in fact the goal of people who have a round face is to recreate the impression of an oval, we can only remember how the boyish cuts , which concentrate their volumes also on the upper part, are useful to be able to wear out the image and make it even more dynamic and lean. So, do not underestimate the importance that these hairstyle can have, as they could reserve you many excellent surprises not to be underestimated!


At the end of our focus, we can only conclude – as per our habit – by offering you a nice gallery of short haircuts that can really go great for all of you who have a slightly rounded face. We therefore invite you to browse the gallery that we have chosen to prepare and share with you, and let us know which is the stylistic solution that you have found to be the best for you. Work on it a little in the company of your hairdresser, and try to get the most greedy and most appropriate customization for your purposes and stylistic ambitions. In the end, we are sure that you will be able to have an excellent hairstyle to show off in this fantastic spring / summer 2017!


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