Short hair styles that will represent your next obsession!

Short hair styles that will represent your next obsession!

short hair styles are our passion and … with today’s gallery they could become your obsession ! The hairstyle 2016/2017 seem in fact to have become even more irresistible than in the past, with the consequence of becoming unmistakable points of reference for a beauty with great personality, charm and attractiveness. Let’s see together what are the main short hair styles that we recommend you evaluate over the next few months, and we also evaluate how you can appreciate them even more significantly by taking a cue from over 40 models which, at the bottom of the page, you can easily consult!




The undercuts have come back in fashion after a few months in which they seemed to have been partially set aside. Combined with a nice pixie cut , they can in fact represent a pleasant landing for a fresh and youthful look . They are also ideal not only for women with short hair, but also for those who have a beautiful wavy hair or curly . Try to adequately exploit the hairstyle, playing with the contrasts (also in tone) and planning the possibility of resting on a nice tuft to be fixed behind the ears.


Short hair styles that will represent your next obsession!


Inclined bob


The inclined or reverse bob is another short hair style that we suggest you to ponder in view of the 2017 winter season. It can in fact be considered as a more modern reinterpretation of the traditional bob, and will not fail to generate due charm in favor of all women who will have the patience to choose her details. Also try to enrich it with a new color , drawing on the most popular shades in the cold season, or combining everything with a nice contrast of colors, therefore resting on the coloring techniques which more times in the past few months we have outlined.


Bowl cut


Whether you call it bowl cut or bowl cut , little changes: it is a short hair style that in recent weeks has climbed important positions in the women’s preference list more or less young, and therefore we recommend that you also evaluate your garment. The contrast of lengths seems to be able to give a more fresh and personality look, especially if combined with the adoption of some trendy colors. If you want to dare a little, for example, think of aiming for a nice lavender, one of the shades of purple that are going to be the most these days!

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