Short hair styles to experiment for a universal style!

Short hair styles to experiment for a universal style!

March can really be the best time to give your hair a clean cut : the third month of the year anticipates spring and, as is well known, the arrival of summer can be welcomed with a review of their garment, in line with the most appreciable trends of the moment. And yet, cutting one’s hair short hair is not always a choice that women are ready to make at heart: in fact, intentions are held back by aesthetic and psychological motivations, and the impression that by giving oneself a new image previous security may be lost.


In short, behind a new haircut there is often the fear of not liking each other, and the fear of relying on inexperienced hands or, better, not able to interpret our haristyle wishes. But how can we overcome these rocks?


The secret is “positive thinking”: take a look at today’s photogallery, to be able to know a little more about the final results that you will be able to obtain. And, at the end of this consultation, do a little self-examination.


As a rule, those who want a short haircut want to radically change the image they have of themselves, or want to renew themselves in view of a future revival. Well, the desire for change must be considered a positive experience, to be faced with courage, enthusiasm and determination. If you don’t like the result, there is always a way to fix it!


Classic short bob cut with symmetrical fringes!


The classic short bob will never go out of style. In its various reinterpretations and variations it is a cut that has always populated the catwalks and backstages of the whole world , obtaining ever greater success.


The classic short bob is also a cut that can be interpreted and reinterpreted in infinite variations . In the gallery below you will find some of these variants, all different from each other but all equally elegant, trendy and very fascinating .


The symmetry of the fringes can be offset by an asymmetry of the rear, shorter than the front, to create the most famous of the helmets: the asymmetrical .


Or a symmetrical cut in all its parts, as classic as it is current and adaptable to almost all the conformations of the face.


The classic short bob can also be declined according to the nature of the hair : perfectly smooth or wavy or wavy. When you want it perfectly smooth then it is more appropriate to move towards an even, strongly symmetrical cut. If, on the other hand, you opt for a choppy or wavy cut, then also the asymmetrical version , shorter at the rear, towards the nape (but always with symmetrical fringes), will be an ideal choice.


Short and medium bob for your look needs


That the medium bob or short is a useful hairstyle for all seasons is not a novelty. Suffice it to recall – by way of summary of the main benefits – that it is far from an extreme cut, and that if therefore you arrive at the medium bob from a long cut, it will be enough to wait a few months to be able to embrace the old hair.


The bob also lends itself to many look modes: for example, you can bring it in a wavy version with a wet effect. Not only that: it is also good with all face shapes, since – clean or unthreaded – it gives all women who love the right emphasis of their contours. Whether you have a round face or a long face, you will not struggle too hard in trying to adapt the bob’s strengths to your visual characteristics.


In short, as will be evident to all women who love cutting-edge fashion, it is more than a season that the bob has endured among the most popular cuts. A large number of stars have now chosen it as their indispensable look: the medium bob is also suitable for use as a chic, red carpet cut, and for everyday life, when this cut can be the subject of easy hairstyles for the office.


Having said that, we leave you with a photogallery that shows you excellent short hair styles to experiment for the current month of March and for the following months: take a look in depth, and try to understand if they can actually do for you. On a positive note, break any delay and get ready for a nice style review. The future awaits you and … it is better not to keep it waiting because of a style indecision!


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