Short hair summer 2016, cheeky or elegant: the trendiest cuts!

Short hair summer 2016, cheeky or elegant: the trendiest cuts!

For many women, summer is sea, sun, open-air evenings, fun, sports, walks and much more. And, therefore, it is also the most suitable moment to be able to review one’s own look , trying to dedicate some time to a restyling that can actually reward a choice that can combine the most appropriate aestheticity on the one hand for this part of the year, and on the other hand, the convenience and flexibility of being able to have an easily manageable, customizable haircut that can be combed in a few moments and without great stress. In short, nothing better than opting for a short haircut , following the latest fashion trends.


Green light to the short wimp!


Considering that the heat and humidity will put your hairstyles to the test for the summer, the most appropriate result to avoid going crazy with high temperatures is certainly to resort to a cut ] boyish that we have often had the opportunity to deepen and appreciate in these pages. A cheeky cut , comfortable and at the same time feminine, which will allow any woman, of any age and from any hair feature, to be able to obtain a more youthful and fresher air.


Short and elegant, why not?


If, on the other hand, the idea of ​​approaching a short and cheeky cut does not convince you, as your emotions and your mood lead you towards a cut of [ 19459002] hair more sober and elegant, the answer could be a hairstyle with a bon ton effect, with a garconne hairstyle, for decades among the top trends in terms of elegance and charm (and there are many VIPs who got the best luck through this hair style).


Other proposals for you!


As you can easily see by deepening the scrolling of the gallery that we have been able to expose for you, the best trends in terms of short hair for summer 2016 are not finished at all (indeed, the list it could be really very long!). How not to mention the medium bob, which have enormous versatility and can easily adapt to any type of hair? And how can we forget, for example, the short haircuts they have been taking with full hands since the 70s? And again, short haircuts with wet effect ?


In short, the list is very wide, and there is nothing left to do but try to get a first idea by consulting our series of shots. Try to take a look at it, and see if any haircuts that are right for you can be found inside. In the event of a positive response, share the shots with your hairdresser, and try to build your first, very personal hairstyle review project!


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