Short hair summer 2017, a look at the latest trends

Short hair summer 2017, a look at the latest trends

Summer 2017 has entered its second phase, but it is certainly not too late to be able to embrace a new hair style that can allow us to obtain the deserved satisfactions in this period of the year, perhaps laying the foundations for the consolidation of a future restyling. In short, if you are among those women who took advantage of summer 2017 to experiment with a new haircut , here you can see some style alternatives that will allow you to perform new tests . If, on the other hand, you have not yet evaluated any restyling , here you will find all the latest trends in the short summer cuts .


Short hair for summer 2017


On the basis of what we have pleasantly experienced over the past weeks, and of what we are probably going to experience in the near future, it is possible to say that the haircut short [19459004 ] the most requested for this second part of the beautiful season will undoubtedly be the bob : the helmet has been chosen by many celebrities, and from smooth to rough it has proven to be a hairstyle among the most loved and most popular, even in a deconstructed version. For people who do not know this type of proposal, it is a scaled bob, especially on the sides of the face , which can be worn short or medium with identical charm.


The most glamorous short cuts


Of course, not only bob live the most prominent hairstylists in the world . And, therefore, if you want to opt for a nice more glamorous cut, you can only point the index towards the 80s, with the consequent use of more modern versions of the traditional carré and mules [ 19459005], to be styled in a different and always personalized way. The scalature will be present in every cut, to give the right movement to the most dynamic look, while on the hair the waves will be very soft and sophisticated. There will also be fringes and tufts, in order to give your hair a sense of greater completeness.


Attention to styling


As you should already know, identifying the right haircut for your hair and your face is only the starting point of a path that should allow you to show off the best hairstyle [ 19459005]. In fact, a phase of particular attention must be paid to the choice and use of all those products that are considered important for modeling hair, such as shampoo, foam, gel or oil.


These are truly indispensable products for your beauty, very useful for being able to revolutionize the hairstyle without necessarily having to proceed with radical cuts . For example, if you are looking for a better volume, you can firmly aim to purchase a quality volumizing mousse, to be applied discreetly (to avoid excessive effects). If, on the other hand, you want rough, you can help yourself with special products with a careful drying phase, which must be carried out using a suitable diffuser (alternatively you can let the hair dry naturally in the air).


If, on the other hand, you love super smooth but Mother Nature has not provided you with a spaghetti head, there will be nothing left to do but use hairdryer and brush , or the plate , and in a few minutes the final result will be guaranteed. However, take care not to overdo it with these tools, as the risk is that of accentuating the stress that heat can cause on the hair.


In light of the above we have had the opportunity to summarize for you, we can only advise you to look at this gallery with over 30 different short and medium short hair styles for this second part of summer. Try to take a careful and passionate look and let us know if you have found something to your liking!































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