Short hair: the asymmetrical bob. So many wonderful ideas all for you!

Short hair: the asymmetrical bob. So many wonderful ideas all for you!

For those with short hair the asymmetrical bob is the short cut cooler than this exciting summer! It gives you a sparkling but always elegant, comfortable and practical look on the beach as perfect for going out in the evening: a jolly cut for a thousand and thousand situations!


Short hair the asymmetrical bob: volumes and asymmetries for a very personal cut


The bob has always been on the crest of the wave since it was born many decades ago. And, moreover, it has never lost appeal in all these years and even when, like this summer, the long cut is the most popular , the bob, or helmet, always keeps up with the pace . It is never out of date. So why not decline it in order to add a pinch of verve to the ancient beauty of this cut? For short hair the asymmetrical bob is the answer to this question! Personalizing the bob with an asymmetrical cut, playing precisely on the asymmetry and the different arrangement of the volumes, means updating it and, above all, giving it a freshness and a visual “strength” that add personality to the women who choose it.


If we then stick to the “representation”, well, we know that the asymmetrical headband has always been the hairstyle chosen by the fashion queen in the world, the British journalist and, above all, director of Vogue, Anna Wintour . Furthermore, it is the “practical” answer to the long cuts that keep the bench this summer: if I don’t want to suffer from heat I MUST have a short cut and the asymmetrical bob is even shorter behind!


Short hair the asymmetrical bob with large volumes


The term bob indicates, in Italian, the helmet . It can have various lengths, here we take into consideration, for the asymmetrical bob, the shorter ones. At least for its posterior length (hence its asymmetricity) which is much less than the front one (therefore, playfully, it will not be a short cut in front).


It is a very versatile cut that allows those who already have short hair and do not want to opt for longer cuts, to renew their look without completely distorting it. It is a cut with “important” volumes and that plays a lot on these, both in size and in distribution . Women with thin hair will derive a considerable advantage from this cut: they will be able to give more “full-bodied” volumes to the entire hair, reaching a “full effect that triumphs over the void” rarely allowed to women, precisely, with thin hair. They also lend themselves to interpretations moves or curls, because among all short hair, the asymmetrical bob defines more concretely the natural hair and therefore makes the hairstyle tidier.


Asymmetrical bob with the plus of tufts and fringes


If we then want a more defined look , we can customize the asymmetrical bob with tufts that, as the current fashion wants, will be rigorously carried to the side. Even the fringes will be perfectly in tune with the asymmetrical bob , both long and short. Among other things the fringes are making many stars fall in love , filling the red carpets around the world!


Have we convinced you to adopt short hair? The asymmetrical bob?

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