Short hair, the best anti-hot styles for this summer!

Short hair, the best anti-hot styles for this summer!

The summer heat of these days is gripping you? Perhaps the heat of this season could be one of the main reasons that will lead you to think about a possible change of look, by adopting a short hairstyle that could come to your rescue. Let’s try then to understand how to respond with a new hair style to the burning temperatures of these days, and marry a new anti-heat idea that could allow you to ride some of the most innovative trends!


A short haircut, why not?


The short haircut , in addition to being a very valid remedy to be able to withstand the increasingly sultry days of this period, is certainly the perfect opportunity to marry an easy and practical look to maintain, and able to revolutionize its appearance by interpreting some of the latest trends in the matter hair .


Moreover, such a choice will certainly not make you remain alone! There are really many celebrities who all over the world, in the last few weeks, have bid farewell to the long and voluminous hair , in order to be able to adopt shorter haircuts or, for the more cautious, of the medium haircuts , just above the shoulders: an unequivocal business card for a new era of one’s hairstyle and, perhaps, an intermediate step towards a more radical cut.


The anti-hairstyles


If the reading of the aforementioned ideas convinced you, there is nothing better than proceeding to deepen this theme and discover with us which are the best anti-heat hairstyles for the summer !


The first, in list order, can only be represented by the bob . The helmet is an evergreen of the last decades, and from the marched one to the climbed one, from the moved one to the geometric one, it is a real must have for all women who want to opt for a great fashion alternative. Naturally try to personalize it properly, declining it from time to time in its wavy version (with soft waves) or with a fascinating lob, with lengths that will touch the shoulders.


If you then look for a clear reference to the years gone by, you cannot certainly underestimate the power of shag , an effect increasingly requested by women all over the world, and which this year has raged with particular incisiveness in the catwalks and in the salons, applying to be one of the medium haircuts of greatest tendency.


Of course, even in these lines we can only remember how your “best” cut of very short hair , short or medium ] anti-heat can only derive from the possibility of being able to approach it in a personalized and dedicated way, thus avoiding liquidating the stylistic and functional study by consulting some (though useful!) photos – models.


In other words, try to understand which of the best alternatives the market can offer you seems to be the one for you, starting from the analysis of your visual characteristics, your strengths and those of “defect”.


Once the ideas are clear, you can certainly move on to the more creative phase, by consulting our galleries and making sure that they can act as an ideal source of inspiration for your restyling. Therefore, try to look at our proposals with interest and, if you find something that attracts your curiosity, try talking to your hairdresser in order to try to get to some more defined model.


And what do you think? Have you taken a look at our photos? What do you think? Have you found something that can be fully convincing for your restyling projects? Use the space between comments to be able to share some thoughts!









































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