Short hair, the best "beach" styles for 2018

Short hair, the best "beach" styles for 2018

Summer is entering its heart, and never as in this moment we wonder about the styles of short hair “best” of the season . Well, with the awareness that we will probably never be able to understand which is the most suitable hairstyle (the embarrassment of the choice is so vast that it would be daring to elect the “king” of the summer!), Let us take inspiration from the advice of [ 19459006] XEvolutionHair in order to understand what this fantastic season has in store for us … and what it might be appropriate to replicate on your hair before autumn arrives!


Short cut, a choice with a great personality!


In order to start talking about the best short haircuts , we cannot fail to make a brief introduction remembering how the choice of to cut the hair to adopt a hairstyle [ 19459005] short is definitely a choice with a great personality, which is often accompanied by the desire to “cut” (in all senses!) To the past, and therefore re-present your look and figure in a completely new way. But how do you do it?


Having remembered the above, we share with you the fact that if you are thinking of reducing the length of your hair there is nothing better than trying to follow your instincts and your creativity by adopting a hairstyle short , perhaps pondering everything with the fashions of the moment.


Bob short, a classic that does not disappoint


In a hypothetical journey to discover the best short hair styles, the starting point can only be represented by the bob.


The shorter version of the helmet is certainly one of the choices of greater class and versatility for this summer, and in its more casual version it can certainly represent a reason for great satisfaction for all those women who would like to marry a short cut, but without excess.


The short bob, or short bob, is therefore one of the “safety” choices for all those people who have decided to give us a cut, but without necessarily having to revolutionize their appearance too excessively.


The scaled cuts, top look for 2018


Among short haircuts, short scaled hair is definitely one of the top styles of the season! Daring and comfortable, sexy and light, practical and fresh, it is a real protagonist who has all the credentials to be able to conquer important slices of the “market” even in the future autumn and winter season.


Extraordinarily suitable solution, reproducible not only during the summer, but – in fact – throughout the year, the short scaled cut is declinable on every type of hair and on every face shape. For example, if you have particularly thin hair you can focus on a soft gradient, which can avoid being subjected to too sharp levels. In the case of thick hair, you can instead proceed towards a more scaling decisive , carefully weighing the different volumes.


Natural style wins over everyone


A real must in the short hair styles 2018 (but the rule set out soon could also be valid for medium or long cuts) is the need to give preference to a hairstyle natural and messy, rather than too rigid and built.


In other words, try to avoid identifying the perfection of the locks and tufts at all costs, preferring instead a disheveled fake style, which will surely be more suitable to give you a touch of youthfulness and light-heartedness.


In short, if you want to give your hair a further benefit, try to make your hairstyle a little messy. Of course, try not to overdo it: the bed-hair style will surely be appropriate for this historical moment and for most of your needs, but exceeding it will make you look messy and unkempt …


Which color to dare?


Beyond the type of short hair that you will go to (from the more extreme pixie cut to the short bob that winks at the middle), do not forget that the possibility to give us a cut goes hand in hand with the ability to review the color of your hair.


Again, fortunately for you, 2018 does not seem to mind wasting! If it is true that homogeneous tones of brown and black seem to be rejected for the summer, it is also true that nothing can be precluded. Particularly popular are the play of light and the reflections of color, able to frame your face with a new brightness that can make your face even more graceful, giving it a different light that will certainly be emphasized during the summer.


If you want to dare a little more, you can focus with particular decision on the pastel color hair (pink on everything!) Or on the shades frosty hair and rainbow [ 19459002] hair , which we have had the opportunity to comment on several times over the last few years on our site, and which should keep you company for a long time.


Having said that, our suggestion can only be to take a careful look at the series of photographs that we have chosen to identify and share with all of you today, in order to give you a real helping hand in choosing the best short hair style for your new summer beauty.


As always we have a way of remembering, the starting point of each restyling process can only be represented by the need to identify what the final result you want to achieve is. In this sense, a look at today’s gallery could certainly be of help and support: these are dozens of fantastic ideas that we have chosen to bring back on these lines in order to whet your imagination and arouse some additional reflection on the style to be adopted .


Having said that, do not forget of course to talk about it in advance with your most trusted hairdresser who – we are sure – will certainly be able to provide you with some support in order to get to the best hairstyle c or [ 19459005] rto for you, capable of enhancing your strengths.


And what do you think? What could be the short hair styles that could be popular in the coming weeks? And which – instead – those to avoid?





























































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