Short hair, the best cuts for the next season!

Short hair, the best cuts for the next season!

What are the hairstyles you could choose to embrace if you love hair short and want to renew your style? Let’s start by going “safe”! The short bob , the bob short , is certainly the best for those with hair straight , and he wants to be able to play a key of certain seduction by personalizing his look through a thick fringe or a parade, or through a side forelock that can signal his gaze. The row can alternatively be lateral or in the middle, depending on the volume you want to recreate.


If you want to give a bigger cut, you can instead take refuge on the excellent pixie , tendentially masculine cuts, which can however leave your face with a truly extraordinary touch of femininity. Definitely a style to keep under control if you love a cheeky touch on your head, and don’t disdain to look a little younger!


If, on the other hand, you have wavy or curly hair , you can opt for a beautiful curly or wavy wavy haircut . Depending on the personalization you intend to recreate on your garment, you could also try to acquire a clear vintage appeal, from the 1920s or 1940s. An alternative practice is represented by braids, to be composed on the sides of the nape, if the length of your hair actually allows it.


And what about accessories? The stylish accessories are not limited to the largest hair, but can also characterize even the shortest cuts. For example, you can opt for a romantic headband, or hairpins that give an even more chic touch to your figure. Considering that you find thousands of variations on the market, it will be up to your taste and your personality to identify those that seem to be the most suitable to give you elegance, refinement or light-heartedness!


Having said that, even today we have produced a practical photo gallery for you that will certainly be able to support you in achieving the best style objectives for short hair. Our advice is to browse it carefully trying to identify one or more styles that could actually be right for you, and point straight towards the conquest of a new hair even more fashionable, and perfectly in line with current trends.


How to give your short hair a new radiance


Several times on our site we have focused on a “great” truth that is often overlooked by women who fear to cut their hair long hair : also on [19459002 ] hair short it is possible to adopt modern coloring and bleaching. And although the less extended length of short hair (compared to medium or long hair) can actually flatten the color giving less space to the possibility of reasonably applying shatush & co., And it is also true that short hair can benefit better than others from some techniques that – we are sure! – will be able to give a new life to your look. A few examples?


Try to take a look at the photogallery that we have chosen to share with you today. It shows dozens of photographs of women who proudly wear short hair, and who through short hair – and a careful hand of their hairdresser! – have managed to gain very significant added values ​​in terms of brightness, through trendy bleaching.


So, whether it’s brown hair or blond, black or red, straight or curly, slightly wavy or very dynamic, nothing changes: the short hair will very well give you a image of great movement and brightness, allowing the internal figure to benefit from it, and the face to acquire a new and attractive “light”.


The above leads us, for the umpteenth time, to confirm what we have been proposing for several months on these pages, and we still want to reiterate today: short hair (but the same also applies to long hair) must not be colored on a single tone, flat and too homogeneous, but instead they will have to be renewed through the use of techniques capable of giving the hairstyle greater panache, perhaps focusing precisely on the possibility of making some strands brighter than others.


Having said that, all we can do is advise you to look at our exceptional photogallery today. You will find in it dozens of shots that will be able to constitute a ready application base for everyday evaluations and, perhaps, for some effective sharing together with your hairdresser. Since these are very beautiful and discreet “lighting” techniques for the hair, we are sure that all women will easily have the opportunity to benefit from them, enriching their look clearly and unambiguously. So think about how you can further appreciate your base color, and how you can make your figure more shining!


What about you? What are the looks that seem most convincing to you?


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