Short hair, the best trends for this part of summer!

Short hair, the best trends for this part of summer!

Trends in short hair , or short hair, are renewed year after year. But one thing does not seem to change: the presence of short hair or very short among the priority style choices by the most famous hairdressers in the world. If therefore also for you the short hair are a real must have, and if the summer has already represented for you the ideal moment to make some scissors to your hairstyle, don’t all you have to do is continue reading the following lines, and realize how simple and captivating it can be to review your short hair look in a contemporary key, making it even more in line with the trends that are happening these days training, in order to prepare the women’s hair for next autumn.


Bob very short


One of the main short hair styles for this part of the year is certainly the very short bob. It is a way of styling your hair certainly very elegant, and is at the top of the trends regarding its refinement. Several stars of the world of cinema and entertainment have long made it their main aesthetic business card: why not try to get the best out of it, even from less visible women? Satisfaction will certainly be high, especially if you manage to play adequately with the right volumes, and if you are guided by your hairdresser enough, to be able to identify the most suitable length.



Punk cut


Even the punk cut is certainly among the favorites for this summer. It will be enough to shave them on the sides and bring them a little longer on, as many women have done over the past year, to gain a look of sure personality and grit . The rasature (sidecut / undercut) can be freely customized according to your preferences, reserving them for one side or both. Remember that these short lengths need to be taken regularly and frequently in order not to lose the initial geometries. Which, after all, translates into having to visit your hairdresser a little more often (but not so much!) Than you used to do before embarking on this path in rock look!




If you are looking for the most youthful cut available to you, the pixie cut is certainly the one for you. Fresh and seductive, easily customizable and arrangeable in a few moments (ideal for all women who do not have much time available in the morning!) The pixie cut is certainly a periodical rediscovery that will only please everyone those who wish to renew their appearance, “stealing” a few years from what appears on the identity card. Seeing is believing!


We leave you now to our usual photogallery that will allow you to have some more ideas on the possible restyling at the end of the summer. Try to browse it and to understand if some hairstyle you like can be found inside.































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