Short hair, the coolest choices for July!

Short hair, the coolest choices for July!

The heart of the summer season is upon us. And, with it, also the possibility of being able to plan a relaxing holiday to attend with … a new hairstyle that can better satisfy your self-esteem and your preference in terms of hair fashion. But which short hair style ride with the greatest conviction? Which hairstyle to prefer during the summer holidays? And what are the tips that stylists seem to push with more emphasis?


Short freewheeling hair!


The starting point of this focus can only be represented by the possibility of being able to “bend” our love for short hair to the practicality and comfort that this kind of styles have the opportunity to give us. In fact, with the summer heat and with the humidity typical of this time of year, hair tends to suffer more and more. And it is precisely for this reason that there are numerous people who during the summer try to reduce the extension of their hair, giving you a fresher, more comfortable and seductive look.


The short hair can, moreover, be dried with greater comfort in its natural state, and in a very few moments it will be possible to have a trendy and tidy, cheeky and elegant hairstyle. In short, a real point of reference for all women who wish to be able to secure a pass for a stylistic approach that is sure to please. From the pixie cut to the boyish cut more average, there is no limit to your absolute creativity!


Messy is the new password


What seems to emerge from the long list of short hair styles particularly fashionable in this situation, is linked to the preference for the hairstyle messy , slightly cheeky and casual, which it will allow all women to finally be able to wear a hairstyle of great charm, without experiencing the nightmare of a few strands out of place.


You can therefore embrace the idea of ​​approaching very short pixie cuts, or cuts in the garconne, the pixie bob, the bob cut, classic bob with vintage references, with side locks that will come to cover the earlobes. Finally, do not underestimate the shaved cuts: the undercut and sidecut can be customized as you wish, giving you a new and unexpected femininity.


From short to medium, the step is short!


If then hair that is too short does not convince you, you can approach a medium-short hair style that is easy to appreciate. Among the main ones, in this sense, there is certainly the shag, a medium cut that reaches the shoulders, and that seems to be recalled directly from the 70s. The shag bob can be personalized with a beautiful fringe, or with a curtain tuft, depending on your preferences. Alternatively, you can bet straight on the bob, possibly long behind you. Also in this case, it will be possible to have an additional accessory of unquestionable charm such as the fringe, to be worn separately on both sides.


We leave you with some photo ideas for short hair. Remember to let us know which is your favorite choice!































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