Short hair, the coolest cuts for the summer!

Short hair, the coolest cuts for the summer!

I short haircuts ? If you’ve been reading us for some time, you should already know what we think of them. We believe that they are extraordinarily sexy , feminine , refined , cheeky , versatile , , ] in infinite cuts and hairstyles. And therefore, if you are looking for the best restyling opportunities for the summer, or in view of it, nothing better than betting on short haircuts, reducing any type of hesitation and evaluating together with your reference hairdresser what make of your fantastic hair.


A super practical and stylish cut!


If you are still quite undecided about what to do, before moving on to our gallery today, where we have the pleasure of presenting 50 different models of short hairstyle, we advise you to reflect on how practical short, modern haircuts are. and elegant, short hair is in fact the easiest choice to manage, considering that – apart from very geometric cuts – this look can be refreshed every two months or so. It is also an extremely stylish haircut, which will allow you to opt for the more classic version, or for the more structured one, which is very trendy and loved by wet addicts, or finally a disheveled rock look, with side shaved and more tuft or less long lateral.


Easy customization


Again, in the list of the main advantages inherent in short haircut, a nod can only be traced back to the possibility of being able to customize ease this kind of hairstyle with ease. For the more fearful and prudent, moreover, the change from the long to the course can be planned as gradual, passing first through a medium haircut . If the hair is also curly or very wavy, we advise you to opt for a hair cut that has volume, and is sufficiently “round”, so that you no longer have any styling problems.


Speaking of personalization, how not to dwell – albeit briefly – on the possibility of adopting a nice fringe or a nice tuft: if your intention is to give volume and movement to short hair, you can opt for a fantastic one forelock lateral , very fashionable and much less radical than a rigorous fringe. In this way you will be able to reserve various hairstyle choices, for example being able to opt for a side hold, and leaving the forehead free, or to give a more dynamic movement to the hair. If, on the other hand, you love the fringe , nothing better than to focus on the more fashioned one, which will soften your face, or – if you want a clearer result, on the geometric and straight one.


Finally, also take a look at the choice of color. If in fact the styling will be able to reflect your personality, confirming from time to time the passion for a graphic look or for the disheveled one, the coloring will be what it takes to be able to put the icing on the cake on your hairstyle. Following the fashions of the moment, we suggest you opt for one that can give you a very natural effect, giving light to the face with a nice game of contrasts .


Models ready for use!


Finally, we close our focus with a beautiful photographic study: in the following lines you will find 50 fantastic models of short haircuts ready for use. What we advise you to do is, as always, take a look at the series of photos that we offer you, and try to dwell on each of them the right time to be able to understand whether or not they can do for you. If so, we suggest that you share every possible customization with your hairdresser and, of course, let us know what you think!


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