Short hair with forelock, many photos for a duo that doesn't disappoint!

Short hair with forelock, many photos for a duo that doesn't disappoint!

Even today the time has come to take care of short haircuts , one of our favorite lengths and, of course, also one of the hairstyles that in the last few years has found the highest level of acceptance on the head of many women, well grappling with their desire to find a more marked youth and femininity through the use of a trendy, practical and seductive cut. We try in particular to discover all the “secrets” of a short haircut with tuft , and understand – through our photos – why it can be a truly irresistible look!


How to choose the “right” tuft


Let’s start by remembering that in order to understand how to lengthen (or shorten) the tuft , and to be able to model it on the basis of your indications of preference, it is essential to make a small but careful analysis of the characteristics of your face. For example, if you find that you have a particularly round face, a nice side forelock could be ideal in order to obtain an even more refined style. If you have big eyes, nothing better than a scaled forelock that can concentrate the attention of those who look at you on your splendid and seductive mysterious gaze.


The importance of the tuft


If you have a particularly elongated face and neck, it may be advisable to lengthen the tuft too, pulling it out to make it lighter, but possibly bringing it beyond the length of the hair, to avoid discovering too much the area that we should instead “fill” (and which, moreover, will already be clearly visible following the short haircut adopted). If instead you have a beautiful oval face, you are on horseback! The oval face is in fact the ideal starting point to be able to experience all that your creativity offers you. In this case, our advice is to opt for a wavy tuft and dynamic, which will give greater prominence to your face, and can enrich it in a more harmonious way. In short, you will immediately gain in charm and sensuality!


Always ask your hairdresser


Having established the above, our final advice is to not go too far on your own, and not necessarily try to go straight on your way. Instead, follow the instructions of your hairdresser, and talk to him in depth about what you want to achieve. In particular, ask for advice on the most appropriate management of the tuft which, as happens with the fringe, is a sort of “creature in itself” within your hair style, which deserves specific attention and more special care.


Having said that, try to take a look at the gallery that we have chosen to identify and share with you today, and let yourself be inspired by the many haircuts you can find in it. We are sure that this small and partial extract of short haircuts with tuft will be able to tickle your fantasies and, consequently, will encourage you to talk to your hairdresser about the possibility of being able to adopt one, distinguishing again the last part of the charm. summer and future seasons!


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