Short hair with forelock, new gallery to share!

Short hair with forelock, new gallery to share!

We still go back to dealing with short hair . And we do it with a beautiful stylistic study on the use of a nice tuft to be able to distinguish your garment in an even more personalized way. But how can you make the most of this style element? And are we sure that it is better to favor the tuft over the fringe?


Unfortunately for all women – and our photogallery, which you can find a few lines below, can well confirm it – there is no useful recipe for all women. In fact, it will be up to each person to try to understand if their own face can actually be embellished with a tuft, a fringe or… neither of the two forms! The choice between the different alternatives is therefore a purely personal matter, which cannot be objectively induced, but must be personalized and delicate on you.


In any case, some style advice seems to be able to be conferred in a practically homogeneous measure. If in fact you opt for a nice tuft, try to proceed as soon as possible with an analysis of what are the main features of your face. For example, if the shape of the face is round, the side tuft can give you the right style. If you have big eyes, better a salty tuft that can focus attention on the look.


What if you have a very long neck? In this case, it is better to opt for a light tuft, just mentioned, which goes down beyond the length of the hair, avoiding to discover too much the area that we intend to reduce instead. Finally, if you have a beautiful oval face , close to perfection, you can make your figure more dynamic through a nice wavy tuft. The movement of the hair will allow you to highlight the shape of your face, enriching it in a more harmonious way, and giving an even more fascinating aspect to your whole figure!

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