Short haircut? Here is the guide to the best!

Short haircut? Here is the guide to the best!

One of these many reasons, for example, is the security that is returned to us by the consensus glances of the men that surround us. In any case, if we want all the places in the world to be the right place to get noticed and every single look that touches our image is a look of admiration, then we talk to our stylist and / or hairdresser that we trust, and we think of the haircut and the ideal hairstyle for us. Which is probably a short haircut .


However, there are many types of haircuts and many hairstyles to focus on depending on the length of your hair. If what you are looking for is a profound change and attracting deep admiring glances, a short cut is definitely what you need.


It is not easy to find a short haircut that fits us perfectly, but if you have models and many different images to take inspiration from, find one that best suits our person , definitely becomes child’s play. Enjoy this roundup of images available for you and choose the one that best suits your look and your character.


Graceful scaled cut


This is definitely a very nice haircut thanks to the bangs that only “casually” touch the side of the cheek and the rest of the hair which harmonize perfectly with the features of the face. Choose this cute and decisive look for a big and important change!


Very cute platinum blonde short hair cut


If you want to go towards an even more radical change, you must therefore opt not only for the decisive cut, but also for a platinum color . Short, firm hair and a slightly longer bangs depending on the desired effect. And that’s it.


Platinum color and Hair volume


If you want your hairstyle to be a little longer so you can style it in many different solutions, then you can opt for this hairstyle that you see in the photo below. Brush the hair so that it is oriented towards the front of the face, to obtain an increase in volume and a hairstyle that will probably remain in place for many hours.


Short and pretty hair


If your hair tends to be a bit wavy, cut it to a length that covers your ears so you can style it easily. Et voila! The intense look in this hair frame can only return a very cute look.


Short hair: very cute Bob


If you want a particularly cute look, there is not much to choose from except a nice short cut. You can also opt for a longer bob which however will put you at the center of the eyes!


Cute Short Thick Hair


If you want to have a small ponytail , then you can get an even prettier look by simply cutting your hair short enough so you can manage it more easily. Look at this cute ponytail!


Beautiful short hair


This is definitely a beautiful image that women with wavy hair or simply with a nice volume can draw on for their own look. It is not difficult to maintain and you can get a lot of volume, which makes this hairstyle perfect for all events.


Short cut and spiked hair


If you want to avoid a really “extreme” look with the tips, take a cue from this cut, a little boyish and very nice: this cut with the hair that sprouts “like pins” offers a not really extreme look with the hair not very short.


A very cute short pixie


It is a known fact that pixie cuts are beautiful to look at, regardless of their length. However, this is a very short pixie cut … and it may be just what you’re looking for. Why not dedicate a deeper thought to him?


A magnificent short bob


Of course, the bow in your hair emphasizes the dreamy effect that this short bob cut tries to offer. In addition, the hairstyle accentuates the concentration of the gaze towards the model’s beautiful eyes. Absolute cuteness!


Very cute with her straight hair


This is a short hairstyle that allows you to have a casual look . This cut can be changed according to the mood of the moment: are you calm and peaceful? Leave your hair straight. Do you want to express a more “rebellious” mood? Curl them a little and orient them upwards!


Hot Pixie Cut: decidedly sexy


When you want to play on the effect that a mischievous look can have, you can leverage the length of the bangs so that you will get that sexy look. I already imagine you project yourself towards this cute and sexy cut at the same time!


Another short wavy Bob


The best thing about a bob is the fact that it can look cute even if your hair is wavy and just don’t want to know how to stay tidy. You can opt for a messy look without the need for too many precautions.


Pixie Corto cute


This is definitely the type of pixie cut that will make you be noticed, cute regardless of the color of your hair. It will be like a switch to “turn on” the smiles and looks of those around you!


Bob short smooth


The short and smooth bob is one of those solutions that adapt to all moments, to all situations, easy to make and simple to maintain. And it is a timeless cut that has always been liked and will be loved forever.


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