Short haircut with tuft, seduction and youth in one fell swoop!

Short haircut with tuft, seduction and youth in one fell swoop!

If you are looking for a hair style that can give you seduction and youth in one fell swoop, maybe your trip can lead you towards a nice short haircut with a tuft [ 19459003], a trend that has garnered appreciation over the past few months, and that seems to be able to count millions of loyal and faithful all over the world.


The tuft can in fact be used as a tool to enhance a precise point of one’s face, considering that it can act as a natural address for the gaze of others: a nice tuft that falls on the eyebrows, for example, could allow a greater focus of one deep and seductive look.


Precisely for the above reason, our advice can only be to precede the short haircut with tuft with a nice analysis of the specific characteristics of your face. Maybe do it with the help of a good hairdresser who can give you some suggestions so as not to fall into error: at the end of this positive sharing, you have probably identified an ideal tuft to be able to highlight your beauty, enhancing the strengths and, perhaps, using it as a hiding place for some weakness.


There is no shortage of examples, however. If you have a particularly round face, a nice side forelock can contribute to a better overall appearance. If you have very large and seductive eyes, as we have already had the opportunity to anticipate above, you just have to calibrate the tuft so that it can give you attention on this part of the face. If you have an oval face … you are spoiled for choice, considering that this face shape can give you thousands of alternative practices, without making mistakes.


Short hair pulled backwards


These are, moreover, haircuts which can play a not insignificant role in making you look a little younger than your real age, considering that they can help to clean up the entire face, giving you fresh and genuine air.


Many alternatives in a few centimeters


Leafing through our photogallery you will realize how wide and diversified the alternatives available to you can be. The short haircuts can for example be structured in a very elegant way, combining the tufts upwards with a fringe that can give even greater consistency to the effect (the tufts, short, become a little more long in the upper section). Alternatively, you can opt for a fake messy that has a further great advantage: being able to save a lot of time in front of the mirror, considering that the trick of this hairstyle is precisely that of “not being perfect”.


Finally, always keep in mind the hypothesis of embellishing your look with a traditional tomboy cut, which can define very clear and clean lines on the side parts, then concentrating a greater volume in the part higher. Scaling can create the right sizing to create a feeling of fullness to the hairstyle. Do not underestimate even the asymmetrical cuts, among the most popular trends when it comes to short haircuts.


We leave you with another photo gallery of ours: inside you can find some practical ideas with which to personalize your short haircut with tuft , and propose you in the new year with a renewed strength and personality, based on a hair style that will certainly not go out of style!

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