Short haircuts for over 50 for the next month!

Short haircuts for over 50 for the next month!

Hair represent one of the fundamental elements of seduction and, as such, need careful care, and evaluated specifically for individual age groups . In addition to their health, it is essential to try to choose the right haircut, weighting it according to the shape of the face, the structure of the hair and age, taking into account that – as known – over the years the face tends to lose tone, showing the first wrinkles and crow’s feet. Well, there is good news: with the right precautions on haircuts, even the women over 50 will be able to identify the best trends to look a little younger, and gain a few years of age compared to what appears in your identity card. Don’t believe it?




The first trick to be able to look a little younger in the autumn / winter 2016/2017 is to wear a beautiful fringe , to choose between a slightly more rounded and voluminous, and a slightly flatter, with separate long fringe on both sides as a sort of curtain. It is, in this case, a truly formidable hair style accessory to hide the wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet that will appear next to the eyes, also helping to highlight the latter.




A second element on which you should pay proper attention is the hair color . In this regard, we advise you to follow the most modern trends and opt in this regard for a lighter shade such as light brown, honey blonde, highlights.




Of course, you must not forget the importance of sharing the need to define the best haircut with your hairdresser. The shorts are certainly one of the preferred options: if you have, in particular, a thick or particularly rebellious hair, the pulled-out headband is certainly what you need to be able to give a little order, distributing the volume on the whole head in lighter and graceful way. Do not underestimate also the pixie cut more orderly and sensual, possibly declinable in an easier and more casual way, or a asymmetrical bob with locks of various sizes. Another short and trendy cut for the over 50s is the pixie bob with long forelock, the frayed yoke, the bowl cut and … not only!


45 photos for you!


Leafing through the gallery below you will easily realize how simple it is to try to enrich the range of your potential alternatives by consulting the images below. All you need to do is to focus a little attention on each individual model, and try to understand if it can do it for you. Once you have found the best haircut, aim for a reinterpretation of the same, personalizing it based on your actual and specific references (face shape, complexion, eyes, etc.).


And what do you think? Are there any looks, among those below, that you like?


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