Short haircuts for the next week!

Short haircuts for the next week!

Do you want to have some more ideas on short haircuts ? Do you need our new photogallery with which to cheer up your hypotheses about hairlook revision? The wait is over! Even today we have the pleasure of submitting over 45 short haircuts with which you can enrich your reasoning regarding your potential new style.


Those who have read and followed us for the longest time know well how much space we like to dedicate to short hair, one of the trends we love to ride, and which we have had the opportunity to cultivate in recent years with thousands and thousands of photographic shots, anticipators of trends to come.


Even today we want to extend our passion for less extended lengths by presenting you with over 45 new short hair trends that will satisfy the needs of any woman – from the youngest to the most mature – who in the coming weeks wish to find a new one. seduction and greater romance through a “cut” to one’s hair.


As you can easily realize by browsing our photogallery, on the other hand, the opportunities to model the coolest trends on you will certainly not be missing, making short hair a fundamental choice for all those ultra-demanding women, who through short hair want to ride a unique and unforgettable style.


The advantages of short hair are also numerous: think of the possibility of being able to offer ample personalization ideas, or even the possibility of being able to revolutionize one’s appearance in a few seconds thanks to some slight foresight of style, [19459005 ] able to satisfy their feelings and their desire to communicate their emotions and personality to the outside world.


Based on these preliminary considerations, it is very difficult to try to understand what the best short hair trends may be, that is, the styles that may seem to predominate over the others . Already during this summer we have had the opportunity to underline how one of the top trends is certainly represented by the smooth bob climbed, of which we have spoken several times and of which we have underlined the qualities on the profile of femininity. Be careful, however, not to underestimate other cuts of short hair, such as the inevitable pixie cut, with a clear cheeky appeal (woe to make it too rigid!).


It has already been reiterated on these pages how short hair can be an assured lever of success, offering itself as a priority among the preferential solutions for all women who wish to be able to guarantee a fresh and seductive appearance even from the next spring. But what are the short hair hairstyle models that will be the most popular? What are the trends that will see the greatest participation? Is it possible to identify some predominant trend that can actually be preferred over the many competitors that in the last few months we have had the opportunity to “catch” on the main fashion catwalks?


In order to try to answer the difficult question above, today we want to offer you a wonderful photo gallery with some of the most popular trends. Trends that we want to present to you with particular conviction since, presumably, they could represent pleasant choices with which to take into account in the coming months. Numerous alternatives that you will have the freedom to evaluate alone or with your friends, trying to understand what the style you think is most appropriate to marry in view of the summer, when a short cut can give you the right freshness and the right dose of brio.


From the above photogallery you will also be able to notice how the breadth of opportunities that short hair is able to grant you has nothing to envy to alternatives on long or medium hair. Even short hair has the opportunity to ensure a myriad of alternatives of very good choice, and our current attempt is precisely to try to show a range of opportunities, naturally leaving you the pleasure of understanding which can actually be “married” and which ones would be better left to other women!


As we always do on these pages, in fact, the starting point for achieving the best look can only be that of a full sharing with your hairdresser of greater confidence of the moves to be undertaken in terms of restyling your hair. Only in this way will you be able to take shelter from prejudices and sensational own goals and, on the other hand, to get a cut and a hairstyle that can well enhance all your aesthetic strengths and, on the other hand, can instead hide any defects .


Having said that, it is worth repeating our usual advice: look at (and look at!) Our photo gallery, and if you find any cuts that convince you, talk to your trusted hairdresser!


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