Short haircuts ideal for the current month and beyond! Take a look!

Short haircuts ideal for the current month and beyond! Take a look!

Another new study on bobs, one style of bob hair practically universal, which over the past few months we have had the pleasure of recalling more times on these pages, in the hope of being able to brighten your liking, and to be a useful starting point for being able to proactively think about the possibility of changing look in view of next winter!


And this is why, even today, we are very pleased to offer you a new unmissable photo gallery with many ideas to be able to properly customize your bob , and make it – now more than ever – an unmissable weapon of seduction for all women who wish to be at the height of the hairstyle trends!


The bob moreover represents a cut on which the attentions of all the main hairstylists in the world have focused with particular pleasure throughout history, thanks to a capacity for personalization and versatility that does not really dread no comparison! The bob is in fact a look that can be easily declined on the basis of its specificities, therefore allowing all women who try to adopt it successfully to switch to this style with the right dose of satisfaction and conviction!


Precisely for this reason, and for its unquestionable charm, over the past few months we have dealt with this style dozens of times, proposing, from time to time, the photogalleries that support you in achieving each aesthetic objective, constituting therefore a launching pad for the positive review of your hairstyle.


In our photogallery you will therefore be able to find excellent haircuts short , that can play on pleasant contrasts during the scaling phase, accentuated by the right touches of shades, or even of the most voluminous excellent bobs, with the tufts that will fall pleasantly on the cheekbones, therefore concentrating the greatest attention on your gaze.


The list of variations could go on for a long time. How can we forget the most refined and sober bob, which can be worn in any situation, as if they were universal styles of elegance?


In today’s photogallery you will be able to identify a series of very short short haircuts ic to be adopted immediately, in November, making you protagonists in the workplace or among your friends!


Among the short haircuts, as will be easily identified by the shots that we have been able to offer you over the past few months, the bob can only play a role of absolute importance. Considering that the bob can be declined in thousands of ways according to your more specific characteristics, we can only advise you to find the bob that’s right for you together with a good trusted hairdresser, who can certainly make you choose the most suitable cut for your own face with the due precision that this kind of aesthetic approach deserves.


Useful for all women who have a regular face, this cut can still adapt very well to even the most particular features, perhaps playing on the right scales.


As regards the color to be imposed on the bob and – more generally – on the cut of short hair, we remember on this occasion how important and fundamental it can be to identify the right one, based on the color of the eyes, the complexion and the your natural color. From platinum blonde to the darkest dark, the possibilities are endless, just as the coloring and bleaching techniques that you can make your own are infinite.


Even in this case, our advice is to talk to a good hairdresser who can suggest what to do: the most common mistake that can be made in these cases is in fact to be tempted by a photo or a model who is able to show us a color that only apparently will be right for you. Better, instead, to go into more detail about your choice, imagining what the final results are.


Whatever your decision, the starting point can only be represented by the beautiful browse of our photogallery. Try to understand if one or more of the styles proposed are right for you and, if so, talk to your hairdresser. Which, probably, will be very excited to take scissors and comb and give away a new result on your head!

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