Short haircuts with bangs or tufts to share!

Short haircuts with bangs or tufts to share!

The tufts and the fringes represent a typical way of styling one’s short hair that is unlikely to go out of style and lose its contemporaneity. Even if not in all the stylistic “epochs” fringes and tufts have had the same palatability, one thing is in fact certain: sooner or later the use of these accessories is always overwhelmingly topical, and it is therefore worth riding the mode of the moment to find out how to get the most appreciated and most pleasing results with these super cool hairstyles … also in 2017!


Two elements of great personalization


Also on the basis of the above we have anticipated, we can only underline how fringes and forelock are among the main elements of personalization of your hairstyle . They can therefore easily adapt to the shape of your face and the cut you have chosen to adopt in order to make your look spring 2017 even more incisive. And if you want to have some more ideas, you just have to extend your reading of our current focus, and get to the gallery that in the end we have chosen to share with you and all your needs for better restyling!


Short haircuts with bangs or tufts to share!


Long or short?


Speaking of customization, it is easy to understand how a first big crossroads that you will have in front of you is the choice between a long bangs or short , or – also – between a nice long tuft or between a short tuft. Unfortunately, as with all the aspects that “oversee” your look , there is no privileged road that can be suitable for all, with the consequence that all you have to do is simply try to understand what it is best for you, based on the characteristics of your face and on the basis of the final effects you want to achieve in the company of your hairdresser.


In any case, it’s probably also good to remember – just to provide you with a useful starting point! – that contemporary trends seem to prefer the presence of a tuft long , which can possibly also be collected behind the ears, or of a full fringe , slightly open in the center, very casual and sensual. However, nothing will be precluded: you can therefore also aim with particular security at a geometric, French fringe, very straight and symmetrical, or at a youthful tuft that embellishes the forehead and the eye area. And what do you think of it?


Fringe and short: an invincible mix!


The association between bangs and a nice short haircut is certainly one of the ideal ways to be able to wear your hair. In fact, this choice allows you to make your hair and look extremely versatile, offering you the opportunity to change your style in a few moments. With the bangs and short hair you will also be able to be ready and impeccable in a short time, while still managing to maintain a style of great impact, as they can well show you the photos that you will soon have the opportunity to see in our unmissable gallery!


40 photos chosen for you!


We also conclude our in-depth study by providing you with a beautiful gallery with 40 different photos of hair models short with fringe or with tuft that you can freely adapt to be able to program a splendid spring and summer restyling. The moment seems to us to be the most appropriate to plan a new look with which to welcome the arrival of the beautiful seasons, and we are sure that a consultation of this gallery will offer you all the best of contemporary fashion. So try to take a look at all the alternatives and…. let us know if you have found something that you think will do for you, and how you customized it!


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