Short red hair: find out what your red is.

Short red hair: find out what your red is.

From coppery shades to bitters, short hair is increasingly dyed red, but choosing which one is the best for each of us is not that simple. But now the Americans come to our rescue: here comes from the United States “ Chromium Harmony “, the methodology that tells you which is the best red for your short red hair .


Chrome Harmony: what hue will my short red hair be?


Chrome Armonia suggests the best shade for your short red hair, but that’s not all: it also tells you how you will have to combine it with clothing and make up. Short red hair for all? Sure, but careful about the shade!


Short red hair is confirmed as the most daring and sensual combination, with its thousand shades ranging from copper to bitter. Have you, by chance, forgotten Jessica Rabbit ? Sexy icon in the world of cartoons, with that soft fiery red hair that “burned” in all senses? Would you dare to match that shade to your short red hair? Of course, those of the wife of the cute rabbit were long and wavy, but the fiery red is so sexy even on the shorts! But, perhaps, you would prefer a more sophisticated red, as Lana Del Rey uses it (she also uses the medium / long, but the sensations are the same …) which combines it with a make-up “of the past” and a look very glam and sexy while remaining very elegant?


Short red hair, ok. But what red do I choose?


Well, let’s try to use this method, the Chrome Harmony: the system divides and catalogs the individuals into four categories, each of which corresponds to a season .


Autumn red short hair:


Your complexion color is amber , or vaguely beige and your eyes tend to be a hazelnut color, or even brown. Or even a bold green. Your hair has a brown base color with some copper or mahogany red highlights. Well, which red will you choose? Play everything on the most intense and dark shades of red. You also have another opportunity: make the copper highlights more intense, but, ATTENTION !, only on the length.


Short red winter hair:


Your hair makes you look like a sophisticated icy woman with Nordic characteristics. You belong to the aristocracy of cold colors and you have a very light complexion , almost white. Your bright eyes are green or blue very, very clear. The hair, however, is of a dark brown tending to raven. This season, however, also includes the Mediterranean type. But for both types of woman, the shade indicated for short red hair is that of cold cherry, intense as reflections on some strands.


Spring red short hair:


Spring women have ephelids (freckles), a complexion tending to peach pink (or even ivory) and splendid blue eyes , or hazelnut or even green which they stand out on the wonderful honey-colored blonde hair, or brown with copper highlights, or still red. Combine copper blonde, or even Venetian. If your colors are among the lightest, combine strawberry blonde with your short red hair.


Short red summer hair:


Even “summer” women have a clear but pink complexion . Two blue or green / gray lighthouses stand out on the gray hair. But also on a dark brown hair. You will have to opt, for your short red hair, for pastel shades, never the strongest shades like copper or mahogany. Do you want to dare? On the length do some tests with bordeaux or, also, with mauve, if the color of your hair is very light .


Given that we are analyzing short and red hair , which hairstyle to choose? You are spoiled for choice! The short red hair is extremely versatile , so an even and geometric cut like an asymmetrical cut, or even a scaled cut and, why not, messy, deliberately messy !

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