Short straight hair, some new looks to try in February!

Short straight hair, some new looks to try in February!

If you have and love your short and straight hair , but at the same time you have grown tired of your common look, and you want to renew it in a more creative and responsive way to the fashions of the moment, you are in the right place. In fact, know that if you have excellent short and straight hair , the alternatives available to be able to model and review your hairstyle are certainly not lacking, and they will certainly not be slow to manifest in your mind, also thanks to the help of our photogallery (you can find it a few paragraphs below) and our hair style review tips. Convinced?


In order to achieve an excellent desired result, first of all remember that if you have had the curiosity or need to change, you are well underway. In fact, it could mean that you have had enough of your current style, or that you have glimpsed some types of hairstyle that attract you most. It is however positive: any change should in fact be read with particular enthusiasm and optimism, and in these lines we are ready to support any of your attempts to improve the hairstyle, in line with contemporary trends.


In advance of the above, the second step we want to take with you is certainly sharing what could be, generally, a “better style”. To do this, better try to examine the elements that characterize your image today, and understand if they can be changed more or less slightly or radically, keeping them in the list of elements that will also distinguish your style in the future. A few examples?


Remember that a fringe can be shortened by a few millimeters or a few centimeters, and have the effect of totally revolutionizing your hairstyle: from the most minimal bangs, to the French ones, to the largest and most voluminous ones , the embarrassment of choice will certainly assail you! The same applies to the tuft : a tuft can in fact be moved simply and immediately with a simple brush stroke, but the result will be extraordinary, since you will give the outside (and, of course, yourself ) the impression of having completely turned style. So, a little tip of the anteroom: before completely revolutionizing the look by cutting, blending and scaling the hair, try to think if using what you already have on your hair you can still get a good result.


After this first priority phase, we can certainly remind you even if this very small exercise in style has not provided the desired results, you can certainly share with your hairdresser the entrance into a new style overview: the short hair and smooth can in fact be modernized by taking inspiration from more or less traditional bob, pixie cut and countless other variations, all characterized by great flexibility and charm.


Beyond the style you are going to marry, always remember that your starting point (and that of arrival!) Will have to be an analysis of the strengths and beauty points of your body and your head. Having this analysis as a compass, try to critically observe what could be good (and what not) in order to enhance the advantage points and, if any, hide some small flaws.


Finally, we renew in any case the need to resort to a positive and constructive attitude in the change of look. Short and straight haircuts will be very fashionable, and therefore what you will have to do is simply to identify the best within your choice opportunities. And remember: no cut (not even those seen in this photogallery!) Can be married without a little personalization. Work with your hairdresser with a little patience, and the optimal result will not be long in coming


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