Short, straight haircuts to experience in spring!

Short, straight haircuts to experience in spring!

Do you have short and straight hair and you don’t know how to style it? Do you think that maybe this look is too little able to generate appropriate experiments? No worries: the short and straight haircuts can in fact reserve you many satisfactions and, above all, many opportunities to be able to review your hairstyle in a super modern and super customizable key. And if you don’t believe it, nothing better than taking a look at our current focus, which will allow you to touch with your hand (and eyes) some particularly pleasant styles of short hair and straight , to be arranged in the next few days!


Volumes on the back


As you can easily see in part of our gallery, an irresistible trend in the matter of short and straight hair is the one that tends to favor the formation of a greater volume on the back of the boss. It’s a really fantastic trend: in this way you will be able to give a touch of asymmetry to the look , going to play with a layering of volumes that will reward your desire to play with the hairstyle ] and to give a new meaning to your short haircuts . A choice that could also better enhance your lines and allow you to show off a truly sensational hairstyle.


Short, straight haircuts to experience in spring!


Tuft or fringe, a fundamental choice


Short and straight hair can well be appreciated through the use of two accessories that have never betrayed Italian women: the fringe and the tuft ! Of course, there is no preferential point of reference over the other. In principle, with short and straight hair the forelock will allow you to have excellent results in terms of hairstyle, as it will ensure a greater breakage of lines in your face. You can also opt for a nice contrast of lengths by marrying the idea of ​​wearing a tuft long enough to be worn behind the ears.


As for the fringe , the alternatives are mainly two. On the one hand, the shorter and more geometric bangs, which can enhance the sweeter and oval faces, but could be unwelcome towards the rounder faces. On the other hand, the fuller and voluminous fringe, perhaps open in the center, cheeky and convertible into a tuft. Intuibly, there is no choice that a priori can be better than the others: try to imagine yourself struggling with both alternatives and, above all, share every reflection with your hairdresser.


Short and straight hair colors: the latest trends


Several times in recent weeks we have focused on exposing which are the best color alternatives on short hair and straight . At this point we can only remind you that in order to give a new touch of style to your hair it will not be necessary a radical color change, as well as a simple adjustment of tone, in order to give a better brightness to the whole . Again, try to talk about it with your hairstylist in order to find a good solution, pleasant and captivating: we are convinced that the best result is really at hand.


Photos to be admired!


Here we are finally at the long awaited moment, linked to the possibility of having a look at the photos we have chosen to share with you. We have in fact identified for you a collection of 40 fantastic photos of short and straight hair that we suggest you look at with particular attention, as it is very likely that you will find some useful restyling ideas in them. Therefore, try to browse them in the company of your friends and try to discuss what to do, perhaps imagining what the result could be on your image. Then talk to a good hairdresser who can support you in this task … and show us the final result!


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