Short wavy hair, delicious ideas for spring

Short wavy hair, delicious ideas for spring

Is the wavy hair a blessing or a curse ? We have not understood it, but one thing seems to be certain: if your hair is naturally and genuinely straight and straight, nothing better than enhancing it in the most normal way possible, even though it is true that more and more women “bend” them ”Towards a wavy hair style , which will give them a little more fun and dynamism. If, on the other hand, wavy hair belongs to you in a natural way, making the hairstyles you will see shortly will truly be a game for girls. Would you like to know more?


Short wavy hair… can you?


A different discourse is naturally linked to the fact that short haircuts are fully compatible with wavy or wavy hair. Many women approach the summer by giving in to the temptation to reduce their hair of wavy or curly hair , thus making them shorter in view of the summer. Many others, on the other hand, hesitate, wondering if they will have details with the styling. In any case, in our opinion there is no preferential solution: much will depend on you and the result you want to achieve, even if you know that nothing will be barred!


Short wavy hair, delicious ideas for spring


Take care of it!


In this regard, the opportunity is naturally greedy for us to remember how important it is to try to take due care of your hair short and wavy hair : always use shampoo, masks and conditioners for wavy hair , which will help you adequately nourish and hydrate the hair and the scalp , also helping you manage frizz and thus more “obedient” hair … even if they are truly unruly! Of course, as many of you have already guessed, the greatest danger is called “humidity”: just apply a special serum for curly hair, after washing, to break down any type of obstacle and remove any fear.


How to have perfect short and wavy hair


Having said that, we can certainly spend a few words with some tips that will allow you to have perfect short and wavy hair : in particular, if you want to obtain ideal curls, we advise you – before drying – to use a special conditioner and then help you with a special plate. Also remember that the 2017 trend rewards a somewhat messy style, which will be intuitively easier to obtain: it will be sufficient to dry wet hair with a special diffuser.


Hairstyles for short and wavy hair


Finally, moving on to the best styles for short and wavy hair , we recall here how women are now preferring short bob hairstyles and pixie haircuts. Both versions can offer you important layering options, particularly advantageous for wavy or curly hair . Do not underestimate even the hints of color: you can focus on more or less incisive shades or reflections that go in contrast on the whole hair or in single strands.

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