Short wavy hair: the coolest cuts of 2016!

Short wavy hair: the coolest cuts of 2016!

Short hair is not a brake on your ambition to always have different and original cuts ! Today as today, many celebs show off cuts of wavy short hair and all with a different hairstyle from the other. Short wavy hair allows you to give free rein to your imagination and, moreover, with a few brush strokes and (sometimes) a nut of froth fixing to go out every day with a different hairstyle .


Short wavy hair: many solutions one cooler than the other!


Each face has its favorite cut and each cut is better suited to an oval shape: wavy short hair is very versatile and adapts to many face shapes; therefore they allow you to find many solutions suited to the shape of your face, in order to change your look very often, always with wavy short hair , and always be trendy and cool to always make your friends so envious!


The versatility of wavy short hair.


Short wavy hair can be cut in many different ways : to increase volumes or to decrease them, to have an always very seductive mood or a cheeky and cheeky look, to be youthful and gritty and for being sweet and delicate, they are probably the most versatile cut you know !


Blow of wind


Here is a cut that perfectly reflects one of the most common “spirits” of the girls who wear short wavy hair: “ cheeky “! The locks descend on the nape and at the level of the ears for a perfect framing of the face . Do you want it too? Dry each strand by taking it between your fingers and then applying a little gel.


Look messy


For those who love to dare short wavy hair with a messy mood is perfection made hair cut. They will simply be dried with a hairdryer and then, if desired, a little gel will be applied to it . It is the bold and strong hairstyle that reflects the character of the wearer. The character that does not go unnoticed.


With and without fringe


If you don’t have a round face, you can choose your short wavy hairstyle with a bang. The round face with the bangs is likely to overshadow the gaze. Instead, if you can “wear” the bangs, then it is short , very short and also climbing, easy to comb and very, very youthful. Combine the fringe with the messy look, or smooth it with the plate, keeping it in contrast with the wavy look of the hairstyle.


Bob moved


The timeless bob, or bob , goes to wedding with short wavy hair and even more so if your face is oval. Choosing the short and choppy bob will ensure that you avoid those curves that don’t show off too well. If the face is not one that is too elongated then you can give the hairstyle a little more volume, while adding a little more hair.

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