Short wedge haircuts you must try absolutely!

Short wedge haircuts you must try absolutely!

Have you ever considered recreating on your head a beautiful short wedge haircut , or wedge ? It is certainly one of the hottest hairstyles of the moment , especially if you are looking for a beautiful hairstyle that can give your hair a little more fullness. To benefit your creativity, however, will be the knowledge that this kind of hair style is enriched by hundreds of variations, all united by the possibility of leaving the longest strands on the top, with the sides that instead will appear more short [ 19459003]. But who is this kind of hair good for? And, above all, will it be fine on you too?


Ideal for women with fine hair


As we have remembered in the few preceding lines, this hair style is really able to feel good on many female heads , seen and considered that there are hundreds of different variations that, with a pinch of patience, they can also be adapted to your specific face characteristics. However, keep in mind that probably the most fortunate are the women who have fine and straight hair , and that through this kind of hairstyle they will be able to give body and structure to their hair. Naturally, nothing prevents you from evaluating it if you have wavy or curly hair , even of greater thickness.


Short wedge haircuts you must try absolutely!


The right movement!


Among the many advantages that this kind of haircut will give you, there is of course the possibility of giving a nice movement on your hair. The asymmetry recalled by the hairstyle we are talking about today is in fact a benefit that can give your look a more playful and dynamic air, further away from the old traditional canons. You will therefore only have to choose the best solution to be able to exploit all your advantage points, and prepare for a small stylistic revolution!


35+ photos chosen for you!


If you need to know a little more about the best short wedge haircuts that you can show off during the next season (and not only!), Thus coming to spring and summer with a look of great refinement and freshness, you just have to look at the photos that we have identified for you in the lines below. Browse them with the right attention and focus on the ones you like the most, asking yourself how you can personalize them and make them “unique” on you. Then talk to your trusted hairdresser and … that’s it!


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