Short winter hair: a guide and lots of photos so you don't go wrong!

Short winter hair: a guide and lots of photos so you don't go wrong!

If you are still wondering what the top “models” are to be able to arrange your short winter hair, know that now the doubts are fading completely, as the trends are being rapidly affirmed, and they seem, moreover, to follow the intuitions that we had been able to clarify and underline over the past few months, after observing the maturation of responses on the sidelines of the many fashion shows.


So, if your curiosity about short winter hair is so great, before even launching yourself in the consultation of our today’s photogallery we advise you to read further. And, perhaps, reflect on one of the styles that seems to be popular, the pixie with toulsed, or disheveled effect, which seems to be able to be counted as one of the must-haves of this season. To make it happen, you can opt for a very short hair on the nape and a little softer on the other parts, perhaps playing with tufts and long fringes. In this way you will also be able to carve out different reference styles, being able to easily customize the hairstyle with very little effort. The length of the tuft must instead be adapted by your hairdresser based on the characteristics and needs of your face.


Of course, the above does not at all cut out the more traditional cuts such as, for example, the helmet . However, woe to wearing a too opaque and homogeneous bob. Instead, it is better to try to opt for helmets that can be characterized more by volume and vitality, making clear references to the 60s but, at the same time, looking for a more marked modernization through some contemporary integration.


For the rest, the process to be used to try to get to the favorite winter short haircut is always the same . Take a look at this and the other photo galleries that we have had the opportunity to present to you over the past few weeks. Once you have identified one or more potential reference styles, try to talk to your hairdresser to find out if it is actually a style that can be traced on your hair or not.


Finally, once you have identified what “is right for you”, try to customize it properly, to try to enhance it more on the basis of your actual visual characteristics. The opportunities that hair fashion is giving you are practically infinite, and it will be up to you to try to orient yourself in the best way, without falling into wrong temptations.


By the way. We leave you with a new photogallery … What more could you want from this day?


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