Side shaved cut: Hairstyles to share!

Side shaved cut: Hairstyles to share!

The desire to shave his hair only on one side has gradually “taken” more and more all the stars and, more generally, all the famous women who anticipate trends. The side shaved cut of the stars that we propose below can be for you an excellent launching pad for “your” side shaved. Match these poses!


How to make a side shaved cut


The final look of a side shaved cut also involves the way in which the hair that remains long is cut, those of the opposite side . In general, the side that remains “long” is used as a form of exaltation of the femininity of the woman who on the other side of the head, however, dared to reduce it with a masculine cut. For example, one might think of a corrugated helmet,


or with braids, declined in various ways. Or, more simply, you can style this part of the garment as we usually do, with our usual look. If we opt for long hair, then it will be preferable if they fall on the shoulders. A side shaved cut also fits perfectly with the fringe. Another possibility is to take the long hair in their front part and make it wavy, then drop it to the side, or even to collect this lock towards the back of the head . But also comb it on the forehead. If, on the other hand, we want to remove some emphasis from the lateral shaved cut (in the case of slightly more formal events), then the ponytail will be indispensable.


The variants of the lateral shaved cut


The lateral shaved cut can be declined in many different ways. The parameters that may be different are first of all the length of the shaved part, which can have completely shaved hair, or brush hair or, again, simply very short . In addition (and we will see later) you can also try the fake side shaved cut , for those who do not feel ready for the “real shave”: braid your hair on one side, making braids, indeed [ 19459002] braids , very thin , and pull them forcefully so that they keep the hair as tight as possible. You will not have shaved your hair, but you will have obtained a very similar effect, a definitely valid alternative.


For those who, on the other hand, will actually shave, keep in mind that the deeper the shave, the more it will attract the eyes of others !


The side shaved cut by Rosario Daws


The actress Rosario Daws, directed by Quentin Tarantino in “Death Proof”), here shows off her hairstyle with the side shaved cut, and long hair on the other side.


The side shaved cut of Demi Lovato


As well as the dark bob with some turquoise locks, which has been made so famous by the actress and singer with stars and stripes Demi Lovato, it is enriched with an element of originality that, moreover, marries wonderfully with the hint of madness of the girl’s hairstyle and character: the side shaved cut . The bob was already very asymmetrical, and the lateral shaved cut accentuates this asymmetry, further emphasized by two shaved lines even more deeply .


Chanel’s shaved side (fake) cut


The famous American model Chanel, creating “very tight” braids on a temple , obtained the effect of the side shaved cut, without actually shaving the hair on the side.


The short (unshaven) side cut and the sea effect for Alice Dellal


Short (but not shaved) on one side and long on the other with sea-effect ripple for the model Alice Dellal, blonde of the perfidious Albion.


The cut completely shaved on one side and blonde waves on the other for Dormer


Totally shaved (zero) on one side and long and wavy on the other for the actress (The Hunger Games) Natalie Dormer.


Headband long enough on one side and short (unshaven) on the other to sing the R&B


The “boy” shaved on one side is compensated by a very feminine long bob on one side: the two-faced hairstyle of the singer of Rithm and Blues Chante Moore.


I sing, I act and … I curl my hair on one side!


RaVaughn, like Moore, compensates for the shaved side with soft locks of long hair falling on the forehead.


The lateral shaved cut with the braid on the other side


This model balances the shaved side of the left side with a very long and soft braid , with exaggerated volumes.

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