Silver hair, the secrets of an irresistible charm!

Silver hair, the secrets of an irresistible charm!

More and more women are discovering (or rediscovering) the charm of being able to wear a hairstyle in which hair is colored of silver or of gray . A look that until a few years ago seemed to be destined for women less attentive to their hair fashion or more with age, and which today has instead risen to the fore in the news of beauty thanks to the possibility of being able to decline this style of approach in great glamor. But why?


A “gift” not to be underestimated!


There are many women to whom gray hair donate a lot. And there are many women who have abandoned other shades in recent seasons in order to approach gray hair. Attention: we are not only talking about women who are a little forward with the registry age, who discover the pleasure of abandoning themselves to their natural coloring, but also very young women who have found their own in gray and silver hair new passion. The silver gray has therefore become a color of great reference in hair fashion, with the same dignity as blonde, brown or brown.


A look with great personality


The silver gray hair is certainly not just a coloring in the growing affirmation phase. Adopting a hairstyle with gray hair means affirming a firm stance, and taking a declaration of a lifestyle with a great personality. If then the unnatural silver gray hair means that women who have stopped dyeing hair wish to be able to affirm their original femininity, keeping their color for what it is: a stance which can only be appreciated, and which in many cases will also be the best option.


Silver gray hair donate?


As well as any hair color, also for the silver gray shade it is worth mentioning that it is not necessarily the best in your case. In some cases, however, choosing silver gray hair will allow you to earn a few more years than what appears on the identity card. In short, a crossroads that we advise you to study carefully with your most trusted hairdresser, consulting with him on what are the best steps to take.




Let’s close now with a nice photogallery that will allow you to get your hands on a rich range of photos of women, very young or not, who have obtained the best pleasures of their own with silver gray hair: browse it and try to understand if … you want to be like them!


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