Simple short haircuts for women over 50

Simple short haircuts for women over 50

Beyond the threshold of 50 years , women have the pleasure of rediscovering a new concept of femininity which, possibly, also rests on the opportunity to show off a beautiful haircut able to enhance one’s maturity and beauty. So why not linger a bit to try to understand what the best modern trends are in terms of short hair for over 50 ? And if you are not yet 50 years old, don’t worry: try to look at the maxi gallery that we have the pleasure to submit below, as you will certainly find some ideas for you!


Bob short


It is not of course a surprise, but the presence of the bob bob within our in-depth study allows us to remember how extraordinarily adequate and seductive this hair style is, known and appreciated for its versatility and for its ability to enhance every type of hair and every face. Try it to believe: it will be enough to find the right length, the right scaling and the best color for you, and the rest will be done soon: you will only have to admire the creation of the hairdresser!


Simple short haircuts for women over 50


Pixie cut


Even the pixie cut can enhance the beauty of a woman over 50 . The freshness of this cut also has the great advantage of being able to give an additional charm and a pinch of youth, thus gaining a few years compared to what appears on the identity card. Also in this case, we can only remember the importance of calibrating the cut on the basis of your actual visual characteristics: therefore, with your hairdresser, try to understand what the best customizations can be, playing on shaves, shades, scalature, fringes and so on!


Disheveled effect


Another trend particularly suitable for women over 50 in the course of the coming months is undoubtedly the disheveled effect that already in the past seasons we have had the opportunity to appreciate in reference to younger women . It will be enough to give a touch of messy, or retrace a “spiked” effect, to be able to give yourself a more youthful and fashionable look. As always, we remind you, however, that it is advisable not to overdo it, as excess will lead you to take on a scruffy and too messy look …




In the short list of aesthetic ideas that we present to you today with particular favor, do not forget of course the importance of the tuft! It is in fact an element that we want to submit to you with specific attention, as, especially if long and worn in the autumn / winter 2016/2017 fashion, it will certainly bring you great satisfaction, and an air of particular refinement.




We leave you now to our extra-large photogallery: 80 photos of short hair that the women over 50 50 will be able to use well in order to further increase their charm and your own appeal, feeling more confident and more self-confident. Therefore, browse the series of photos that you find in the next lines and try to understand if within these photos there may be something that can do for you: we are sure of it! And what do you think? Do you like these styles? What are your favourites?


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