Spectacular Pixie Cuts for a charming, casual and chic style!

Spectacular Pixie Cuts for a charming, casual and chic style!

The pixie cut represent one of the most fascinating cuts of which we have the pleasure of briefly retracing the main guidelines, and the most important trends of the moment. In fact, it is easy to say “ short hair “: the pixie cut is a charming, cheeky, chic, easy style and, above all, declinable in dozens and dozens of different variants, in able to ideally satisfy the needs and preferences of women of all ages and all personalities.


Pixie cut, a cut for everyone (or almost!)


If you have had the opportunity to look carefully at the photogallery that we have pleasantly presented to you in recent months to enrich your choice of potential short hair styles, you will have realized that the pixie cut are of the truly versatile cuts, which can therefore be ideal for modeling your hairstyle when you choose to give us a cut or, more simply, to review your hair based on the current trends.


How to find the right pixie cut?


Of course, as all our readers should be able to guess, there is no pixie cut able to impose itself universally on others. And the reason is very simple: just like every cut, the pixie cut must also be carefully studied and customized based on the characteristics of your face. And, therefore, even the pixie cut can only be chosen starting from a long path that will engage you in a self-critical analysis of you. What are the small flaws that the pixie cut could expose to public viewing? On the other hand, what are the advantages that you would like to enhance with a nice short haircut? Think about it: it’s the first step to get a nice pixie!


The examples, as can be easily understood from the introduction lines, are numerous. For example, the short wavy hair can be a good choice for all particularly long faces: the volumes determined by the wavy are in fact ideal for creating a feeling of width (rather than height) going to balancing the contours of the face, and determining the impression of an oval.


Many advantages are also specific to short hair with shaves . It is sufficient to recall the benefits of the sidecut, a short hair on the sides, with a greater central volume, of masculine inspiration. And, precisely for this reason, to be “avoided” if you have a masculine appearance: it is better to use this hair style if you have very delicate features, in order to determine a favorable contrast.


And what about the short hair with bangs ? It is an element that can give you a cheeky air: try to leave the nape uncovered, giving greater impetus to your figure. If you have a fairly small physique, try experimenting it: it is likely that it is the cut for you. Add a nice make-up to tone, and the (positive) result will be guaranteed!


In short, if you have a beautiful oval or slightly round face, you can easily opt for a pixie cut and collect all the results of your efforts. If, on the other hand, you have a triangular face, avoid cutting hair that can give the roots too much volume. For square faces, as already mentioned, the best could be avoiding hairstyles with a too masculine mood: the risk of hardening the features even more is around the corner.


At this point, as our photogallery can well show you, you can proceed with the compilation of some stylistic hypotheses. For example, if you have a heart-shaped face, the most suitable pixie cut could be a nice short not too close to the head. Instead, arrange it on the sides and on the nape of the neck to give an impression of movement and dynamism. For square faces, it would be better to concentrate most of the volume in the upper part of the head, while if the face is round you should try to lengthen the figure with a very short cut in the lateral part (in this way you will also be able to raise the line of the cheekbone).


What if the hair is curly? In this case the pixie cut could also be useful to try to remove the dreaded head effect, one of the most feared prejudices by women around the world, which makes their tufts dry and unmanageable.

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