Summer nails, looks and tips to get the best!

Summer nails, looks and tips to get the best!

Summer has reached its peak, and another month and a half of relaxation and fun awaits us. But how can you live it in the best way, taking advantage of a look from nail art which can be a pleasant source of “envy” in those who will be lucky enough to look at your [ 19459003] nails ? The answer is very simple: keep reading these tips and these points of evaluation, and at the end of our study you will find out how to get healthier and more vibrant nails!


Colored (and healthy!) Nails


First of all, remember that you can color your nails of any tone and with any artistic fantasy, but that the first step must necessarily be represented by the possibility of being able to obtain a solid base of work. In other words, the nails must be strong and healthy before being cured with your aspirations of nail art. Having sick and weak nails will not only prevent you from getting the best out of your very personal style, but will often also prevent you from applying techniques which, due to their characteristic, must be “implanted” exclusively on nails particularly healthy.


Summer nails, looks and tips to get the best!


How to get healthy nails with natural products


Fortunately, except for evidently pathological cases, it is not so difficult to obtain good healthy and strong nails. In fact, on the market you find natural products able to bring excellent added values ​​to your body and, among them, also to the final parts of your hands and feet. Which ones are they?


A mention is certainly deserved by the cheese and by the dairy products, rich in calcium, useful for hardening the nails. Still, the fish, with some types (salmon, mackerel, tuna, cod) deserves a mention, which can bring great benefits to our body and nails, thanks also to the good support in terms of Omega 3. E what about cereals and rice wholemeal ? They are very rich in nourishing elements that can help strengthen your nails, and make them visibly healthier. Still, we certainly cannot forget the fruit, to be consumed in abundance during the summer, in order to fill up with vitamins. Equally (or more!) Must be the use of green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and lettuce, rich in minerals and calcium.


New ideas for your colored nails!


Before leaving you, we offer you a nice roundup of photographic shots that will show you how simple it is to be able to enrich your nails with real works of art which will certainly be very useful to better distinguish your personality, focusing precisely on the coloring of the nails. From the simplest and most homogeneous shades, to the most complex and creative designs, the gallery that we wanted to identify and share with you today will certainly be a good insight into what you could get through a nail art session.


Be careful, moreover: in order to obtain such pleasant results it will not be necessary to resort to the skilled hands of a beautician: with a pinch of patience and skill, and with the use of quality products, you will be able to do it yourself, alone , to obtain amazing results…


Summer nails, looks and tips to get the best!

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