Super cool short hair, 60 looks to try as soon as possible!

Super cool short hair, 60 looks to try as soon as possible!

Well, the above must certainly not act as a deterrent along the way – obligatory! – the search for a style that is increasingly satisfactory and more and more relevant to our needs for charm: and it is for this reason that today, as every day, we have the real pleasure of offering you some alternative of particular importance in the world of hair shorts (obviously, super cool!).


Short asymmetrical hair


The first piece we want to pose today is related to asymmetrical short hair , one of the most extraordinarily fascinating alternatives of this part of the year. It is a matter of playing with different contrasting lengths in the various parts of one’s hair, guaranteeing a dynamic and lively result to the final look.


Pixie cut, a fashion that never fades


If then you have the pleasure of further reducing the extension of your hair, nothing better than resorting to one of the many pixie cut which over the years have represented clear sources of inspiration for entire generations of women. Of course, like any hair style, the pixie hairstyle will also have to be modeled on the basis of your actual visual characteristics. Try to talk about it with your hairdresser , and work a bit with him to reach a final result to scream!


Short hair with forelock


Can you miss the tuft among the most attractive style elements of the year? Of course not! So what’s better than a nice short haircut with a tuft that can give you the right impression of personality and decision? The tufts can also be worn in various ways, and made in a thousand variations: more or less long and voluminous, they will certainly satisfy any style requirement, allowing you to always have a new look, day after day, with very little waste of time.


If you are looking for a new look of hair particularly attractive, or you are trying to change your boring hairstyle into something more captivating, know that the transformation is around the corner. , and a few scissors, a few “phonata” and a different fold are enough to give you a truly unique and unmistakable style. But in what way? How can you distinguish your hair fashion style in a completely new way?


The solution is probably dictated by one of the bobsleds that we have been able to identify in this study. The bob is in fact one of the favorite looks of women from all over the world, and the possibility of being able to marry it every day in a new and revised way constitutes a formidable added value for all women who love to consolidate their image.


Many people do not consider, in fact, that when we talk about bob we are not referring to a single hair style, but to a large list of possible variations. Only by limiting ourselves to what we have seen in trend over the last few months can we in fact remember the asymmetrical bobs, the blunt bob, the style flip-out, the wavy bob, the layered bob, or even the more classic bob . In short, a real sea in which to surf placidly in search of your hair style.


That the bob has significant advantages, there is also no doubt. The bob is a very versatile and trendy trend, easy to comb, able to show you attractive and extraordinarily fashionable. For these reasons – and not only! – bobs are still one of the favorite styles of women.


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