Super cool ways to wear a bowl cut!

Super cool ways to wear a bowl cut!

It’s called “ bowl cut “, but we like, more ideally, to speak of “ cut to bowl “. It is one of the most fashionable looks. And even if these hairstyles are certainly not simple hair types to show off and maintain, and even if some women may not have any benefit from this, it is worth trying to remember how, in reality, it may well be a tasty alternative to be able to appreciate your hairstyle. But what are the points of reference you must take into due consideration in order to embellish your look with a nice cut of hair to bowl ?


What is a bowl cut?


The bowl cut , which in Italy is more commonly called as “ bowl cut “, is a particular hair style that has been very fashionable in recent years. The main source of inspiration is represented – although not everyone knows it! – from the typical look of the English kids who in the early forties delivered newspapers to the home (and it is no coincidence that one of the main terms of reference for this style of hair is also that of “page boy cut ‘ “). Of course, from these origins onwards, the bowl cut has been recovered and re-presented in many ways, and even recently there are certainly not a few stars of cinema and music and fashion that have shown it off with particular satisfaction!


Super cool ways to wear a bowl cut!


What you need to know before choosing a bowl cut


Unfortunately, the bowl haircut, although it tends to be very beautiful and geometric, is certainly not a simple hairstyle to wear. In the first place it is good to remember that it is a cut recommended only for those girls who have hair smooth by nature and not too voluminous, since otherwise the risk would be to drastically move away from the desired result. (our reference is, however intuitive, to those women who have very curly and very voluminous hair).


Secondly, remember that a bowl cut is mainly recommended for women who have a very regular face: women who have a very round face may not benefit from it, since the style would accentuate the round shape, creating an effect ” ball”.


Also remember that keeping this cut is not easy, since constant care is needed. Therefore, it is definitely recommended to go to the hairdresser at least once a month in order to resume the lengths and the fringe that, if left to themselves, would end up ruining the harmony of the cut giving it a disordered and uncared for appearance.




At this point, we just have to close our in-depth analysis by presenting you 40 different ways of getting the most out of your bowl cut . As always we have the opportunity to remember you, try to browse the gallery in search of some style that can be right for you, and try to “imagine” yourself grappling with this look . Once this is done, talk to your hairdresser and make sure to share with him all the advantages and … the risks deriving from a nice bowl cut!


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