Super modern bob cuts to renew your look!

Super modern bob cuts to renew your look!

Of bob there are thousands of versions. But few, like the bob angular that we want to present to you today, will make you feel fully fashionable, and in line with the trends that over the years have developed on the hair of women of every age: a truly modern and easily customizable hair style, which will allow you to obtain renewed femininity!


Angled bob, many opportunities to be creative!


As it is very evident from the images we have chosen to share with all of you, the bob angular represent an extremely easy to make look and, at the same time, able to leave you important margins of flexibility and appreciation . You could therefore play infinite cards, in an attempt to find the right middle ground: try to take a look at our proposals …


Considering that it is a medium bob , or basically medium long, the angular bob can be combined with many shades and, among them, with the most modern coloring techniques (from shatush to ombre hair). Always remember to identify a color that can be synergistic to your complexion and eye color, and embellish everything with a good make up.


How is the inverted bob made?


The inverted bob can be made by maintaining a longer length in front and shorter behind , in order to offer a geometry of greater personality and seduction, thus leaving the neck and part of the neck uncovered. neck, element of wide attraction.


The inverted bob , or reverse bob , can easily be chosen by all those women who are looking for a makeover to be carried out with a very youthful solution, and which can focus other people’s attention on their own gaze (for this reason, it would be appropriate to combine the right make up!).


Among the other elements that should be considered when talking about inverted bobs, there is certainly the volume . For example, you can opt for a nice minimal volume, strongly scaling the hair, or playing with strokes and contrasts, with rounded corners at will.


As our established habit, we close it all with a nice photogallery which we advise you to look at with particular attention. Given their flexibility and versatility, they could really be your new stylistic landing!


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