Super short cuts to keep under control!

Super short cuts to keep under control!

New appointment with the short hair, indeed, very short ! Today’s protagonists are in fact 15 shots that will present you with just as many extreme pixie cut models to keep under control: they could in fact represent the most suitable styles for you, your customization needs, and your needs to review your hairlook.


Even from these styles, you can easily realize how in reality these pixie cuts, to the boy, of “boy” we have little or nothing. It is in fact a particularly feminine and seductive style approach, which can give all women a touch of additional personality that cannot fail to be liked!


Precisely for these reasons – we have talked about it almost every day over the past few months! – the pixie cut is continuing to withstand the passing of the decades, thanks to a positive evaluation that over time has made it a preferential choice for many women who have obtained a renewed femininity through the pixie cut, placing inside your quiver new arrows of seduction and self-esteem.


Although obvious, the pixie cut is not a cut that can be taken excessively “lightly” . This pixie cut must in fact be modeled in order to combine its strength characteristics with the possibility of being able to reward such a “radical” choice as to give us a powerful cut to the extension of one’s hair. So, our advice is always the best known: once you have carefully consulted our photogallery (and of course the other photogallery that we have had the opportunity to prepare in recent months in this regard!), You can certainly think about the hottest shots thinking if they can actually do it for you.


In doing so, keep in mind that pixie cuts don’t have to be overly rigorous. To avoid absolutely, at least for the next season, all extreme and homogeneous shaves. We also recommend that the short becomes too short, unless you have an extremely delicate and sinuous face. The pixie cut of the new autumn – winter must instead be able to inspire the right dynamism and a suitable lightness, undoing the hair and the volumes on the sides of the head and on the nape.


Once dedicated above all to the world of mature women , the short haircut is certainly a look that has acquired rapid universality. In other words, today anyone – from younger girls to more mature women – can show off a nice short haircut without fear of losing their femininity, their freshness and their desire to demonstrate and communicate something to the world. But what are the most popular short hairstyles for mature women?


Let’s start by remembering how short haircuts are generally very popular among women of “a certain age”, who certainly prefer compound hair around the head. Therefore, the more mature women are much closer, by tradition and preferences, to the less long hair than the larger hair.


The reasons can be numerous: on the one hand, it may depend on the fact that the hair, having reached a certain age, loses its shine and can become more fragile, messy, dull; on the other hand, it may depend more simply on the need to make practicality prevail over the extension of the crown. It is moreover evident how short cuts give ladies a sense of order and composure, thus becoming suitable for all those people who still want to keep their pleasantness, but still do not want to exaggerate with long hair.


Having said that, in order to facilitate your choice of the best short haircut for mature women, we had the pleasure of preparing a beautiful photo gallery that will satisfy all your style needs: a photo gallery with many shots that they will certainly satisfy the needs of any woman, with many opportunities to review their style.


In addition to the above, if you have a particularly square face, it is better to try to concentrate the volume on the upper part of the head, and leave the locks free, in order to soften the contours and renew your sense of cheeky femininity.


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