Super trendy short hair for your tastes

Super trendy short hair for your tastes

The month of October has already started, and it is certainly not too late to try to set up a new look of super trendy short hair with which to season your autumn. But what are the styles that you could evaluate with greater consideration, in view of the approaching more severe cold?


Here we are back with another fantastic photogallery entirely dedicated to short hair and, in particular, to what we believe to be the top styles for half of the current month. Undisputed protagonists are short hairstyles , one of the lengths on which, over the past few seasons, we have been able to devote greater effort and greater desire to share our impressions of what could happen in the future of hair fashion .


With this awareness, we now want to ask ourselves what the most “in” short haircuts of the moment are, trying to give a timely answer in the photogallery that we had the opportunity to offer you at the bottom of the page. As will be evident from the collection of these shots, the opportunities are undoubtedly wide and deep, with the hairstyles presented by the stylists over the past few months that have contributed to increasing the range of opportunities that can be subscribed by all the women who want rediscover a new charm thanks to short hair.


In short, as all our most fond readers know, it is not at all easy to try to provide an answer to the question of the “century”: which is the short haircut that is most suitable for me?


In hindsight, however, we have given some timid answers over the past few months, offering you hundreds of different photo galleries and thousands of different short hair styles, seen and reviewed in the main hair fashion catwalks in the world. However, no trend seemed to prevail over the others, with the consequence of making available to women more or less young, many alternatives, identically appreciable.


Even if you browse this photogallery, you will also realize that the embarrassment of choice will appear in your mind. However, nothing prevents us from pointing out some style that could be the most popular: the short haircut with a very lateral line and a large tuft has for example massacred hearts in the last months of the summer, and we believe it can do the same also in the next autumn – winter.


Still, pixie cut, bob slightly disheveled, styles that more explicitly recall the 60s and 70s, could be what is right for you.


As always, we have had the opportunity to remember from our first insights, in order to find the most desired cut, you will only be able to get a hand from your reference hairdresser, who will suggest some fundamental indications to try to get there. to the result of greater satisfaction. So, no more talk: identify one or more reference photographs that could make a difference, and try to share with your hairstylist the actual convenience of embracing that particular style.


Although the breadth of styles is truly remarkable, however, nothing prevents us from identifying some proposals that we believe may be right for you over the next few days. For example, a cut particularly suitable for all women who want the best from their own short hair can only be that of a style with a very lateral line, and tufts that are able to embrace the entire width. of the boss. The side cut will in fact be a very fashionable cut also in the next few months, and getting closer to a style of this type today will certainly not make you look like people who have lost the right train! Eyes also open on the fringe. What is an indisputable merit of style, could return with great appeal during the autumn season we are experiencing. The fringe has never gone out of fashion, but the swing of aficionados that it is able to attract seems for the moment to make it prefer more than what has happened in the past. However, try to limit yourself to mention it very light and cheeky, rather than mention it too rigid and composed. The result is certain that it will be of your benefit, giving you a renewed youth and femininity.


And what do you think? Once you have seen this photogallery, is there any style that you like best and want to prefer over the others?


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